Videos for Disaster Preparedness

Find out about the three type of shelters in Pinellas County. (1:18 minutes, English)
Cuando el Condado Pinellas ordena una evacuación por un huracán, ofrecemos refugios públicos gratis. En este vídeo, podrá ver qué esperar y qué llevar cuando vaya a un refugio. (1:25 acta Spanish)
All about special needs shelters in Pinellas County. (1:54 minutes, English)
Cuando el Condado Pinellas ordena una evacuación por huracán, ofrecemos refugios públicos gratis, incluyendo refugios para necesidades especiales para aquellos que necesitan asistencia médica mínima o que dependen de la electricidad para sus equipos médicos. (1:59 acta Spanish)
Pinellas County Animal Services shares information about pet preparedness. (1:35 minutes)
Project Phoenix: What if a Category 5 hurricane made landfall in Pinellas County? (12:05 minutes)
How to prepare your boat for a hurricane, from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (5:38 minutes)
Kids learn their roles in preparing for a hurricane in this presentation, Becoming Storm Smart
If you don’t install shutters to protect your windows and doors from high winds, you can use plywood. Here is a step-be-step guide on shuttering your home.
Know Your Zone PSA (:30)
Find out the basics to building your emergency kit, with American Sign Language (2:34 minutes)
Cómo preparar un kit para huracanes (2:31 minutos)
Aging on the Suncoast: Senior Disaster Preparedness (30 minutes)
Experience the strength of storm surge and learn the science behind forecasts. (2:33 minutes)
Project Storm Story
Hear the first-hand accounts of hurricane survivors. (5:30 minutes)

Ready-Set-Protect Hurricane Preparedness Webinar Series

The Hurricane Preparedness webinars look at preparation, evacuation zones, emergency shelter options, special needs, and insurance considerations for Pinellas County. (1 hour each)

General Hurricane Preparedness

Seminario web sobre Preparación para Huracanes del Condado Pinellas Prepararse – Listos – Protegidos

Hurricane Preparedness for Mobile Home Communities

Hurricane Preparedness for Businesses

Hurricane Preparedness for Faith-Based Communities

Pinellas County Emergency Operations Center
Department of Emergency Management
(727) 464-3800
During an emergency activation, call the County Information Center at (727) 464-4333.