Information for New Retirees on the Pension Plan

Florida Retirement System (FRS) Information

Complete these steps upon retirement:

  1. Review the information letter included in the FRS Retiree Packet, which is mailed to you around the time you receive your first benefit payment.
  2. Complete and submit the following forms. These forms will also be included in your packet as hard copies if you would prefer to complete them that way:
  3. Access your benefit and tax statements at or call the Financial Guidance Line at (866) 446-9377, option 3.

Retiree Insurance Premium Invoices

Retirees on the pension plan will be set up for premium deductions from their monthly pension check. However, it can take 30 to 90 days for this to occur. You will receive an invoice from the Clerk of the Circuit Court Finance Division for the first month, and you will continue to receive a monthly invoice until premium deduction begins. If a pension check cannot cover the full amount of the premium, then you will continue to receive a monthly invoice.

When Will You Receive a Retirement Check?

Pension checks are deposited on the last business day of the month. The first check is paper and will be mailed on the last business day of the month following your date of separation. For example, if your date of separation is Aug. 30, then your retirement date is Sept. 1. Your first check will be mailed on Sept. 30 because that is the last business day of the month.

After your first check, all checks are direct deposit.

How to Report Changes in Personal Information 

If you have a change in name, address or family status, notify Pinellas County and FRS staff. Complete both of these steps:

  1. Email or call (727) 464-3367 and select option 1.
  2. For a change of address only, update your information at For changes of address, name or family status, call the MyFRS Financial Guidance Line at (866) 446-9377, option 3, to request a form.

Retired Employees of Pinellas County (REPCO)

REPCO meetings are held the second Monday of each month at noon. For more information, visit REPCO or contact Rudy at (813) 855-3466.