Lealman FAQ: Garbage and Recycling Collection

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is garbage and recycling collection service?

You can find more information about fees on the Lealman Garbage and Recycling Collection page.

What company collects my garbage and recycling?

A local sanitation company called Coastal Waste and Recycling provides your collection service. You can reach them at (727) 561-0360.

Coastal Waste and Recycling is not owned or operated by Pinellas County Government.

Who do I contact for service-related or billing questions?

  • For service related questions, contact:
    Coastal Waste and Recycling
    (727) 561-0360
    2180 Lake Ave SE
    Largo, FL 33771
  • For billing related questions, contact:
    Pinellas County Department of Solid Waste
    Lealman District Coordinator
    (727) 464-7500
    3095 114th Avenue North
    St. Petersburg, FL 33716

You can find other contact information on the Lealman Garbage and Recycling Collection page.

Coastal Waste and Recycling is not owned or operated by or affiliated with Pinellas County Government.

Who is covered?

Residential units within the service area are covered for garbage collection. A residential unit means any single family, duplex, triplex, or quadplex unit with kitchen facilities that have a certificate of occupancy issued by the Pinellas County Building Department. This includes mobile homes, modular homes, recreational vehicles or trailers that have residential permanent license tags.

Click on this map of Lealman Solid Waste Collection and Disposal District to see if your residential unit is within the service area.

How do I start garbage collection service?

The service is automatically linked to the property, not the owner. This means service is already provided and there is no need for you to start service. If you are unfamiliar with collection days or have an issue with the service or container you have been provided, contact Coastal Waste and Recycling at (727) 561-0360.

How do I start curbside recycling service?

Curbside recycling is offered by subscription only. Contact Coastal Waste and Recycling at (727) 561-0360.

Who is not covered?

Commercial properties, industrial complexes and other non-residential properties are not part of the district and won’t receive service. Multi-family residences that have more than four dwelling units also are not included.

Some commercial mobile home parks may qualify for an exemption. They may still maintain service at those specific properties if the mobile home parks are serviced using commercial containers.

What items are not covered and won't be collected?

Some items are not accepted for curbside collection. These items do not fit the definitions of garbage, trash or bulky waste and are not included in the cost for garbage collection. Those items include:

1. Extraordinary Waste (not considered bulky waste) such as abandoned automobiles, boats, and tree branches or stumps greater than four feet in length and four inches in diameter. Construction and demolition debris over two cubic yards are also not included.
2. Household Chemical Waste such as fluorescent bulbs and tubes, rechargeable batteries, paints, cleaning supplies, fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals. Household items may be disposed of for free (quantity limits apply) at the HHW Center and Household Chemical Collection Events.
3. Biological Waste such as dead animals or human medical waste.
4. Explosives such as guns or ammunition.

To find out how to get rid of these items, visit our Where Does it Go? Search Tool for recycling and disposal.

How do I dispose of bulky household electronics?

Visit the Bulky Electronic Waste Pick-Up Options page for instructions on how to dispose of your bulky household electronics.

How do I submit a request for Back Door Service, a Mobile Home Park Exemption or a Vacant Residential Unit Refund?

You can find forms and instructions on the Forms page.