Project Development and Environment Process for the Belcher Road at Gulf to Bay Intersection Project

Project Schedule

The following schedule is preliminary and will be updated as the PD&E Study progresses.

Project Schedule for Belcher Road at Gulf to Bay Boulevard (S.R. 60)

Milestone Date
PD&E Study Begins February 2016
Data Collection, Alternatives Development & Analysis February 2016 – June 2020
Public Alternatives Workshop March 2021
Recommended Alternatives Selection Fall 2021
Public Hearing End of 2021
PD&E Study Approval Spring 2022

*Project schedule last updated December 2020.

Impacts to the environment and the community will be evaluated. In addition, engineering and other factors will be considered.

The study will evaluate possible impacts to the following:

  • Wetlands
  • Wildlife and habitat
  • Water quality
  • Historic and archeological sites
  • Recreation areas
  • Noise sensitive sites
  • Air quality
  • Contaminated and hazardous sites

Additional issues that will be evaluated and considered include:

  • Community impacts
  • Impacts to traffic on local roads during construction
  • Bicycle and pedestrian facilities and safety
  • Project costs
  • Motorist safety
  • Impacts to navigation
  • Aesthetics / landscaping

Input from the community is an important factor in the decision-making process. The study will include many opportunities for public involvement and input.

The key steps of the process include:

  • Collect and analyze data.
  • Develop and evaluate alternatives.
  • Present alternatives to the community and request input.
  • Select a recommended alternative.
  • Document the study process in reports.
  • Present recommended alternative to the community at a public hearing.
  • Obtain approval from the Federal Highway Administration.