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Pinellas County offers a variety of options to pay your utility bill including the ability to select a different due date for their water bill.

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Utilities Rate Study, June 2023

Water, sewer, and reclaimed water rates study from June2023...


Pinellas County Utilities launches upgraded water customer portal

Pinellas County Utilities is launching a new water portal on June 11 that will allow customers to save money and water through advanced water monitoring features....


Utilities Fees

Pinellas County Utilities collects fees for services and materials related to work performed for customers. The following links provide information on fees......


Request for Protected Address Form

Application for residents to have their addresses and telephone numbers kept confidential....


Convenience Fees for Credit Card or Electronic Check Payments

Explanation of convenience fees charged for credit card and electronic check payments to Pinellas County Utilities....


Utility Rate Analysis Presentation, May 2015

Presentation from May 5, 2015 detailing analysis of and proposed changes to utility rates in Pinellas County....


Water Leak Resources

If you received a high water bill, our Leak Detector Guide may help determine if you have a water leak. You can......


Submit a Statement of Repaired Leak

Documentation Required: If you think you qualify for a leak adjustment, you may submit a copy of a licensed plumber invoice or......


Understanding Your Utilities Bill

Copy of flyer explaining how to read a Pinellas Utilities bill. ...


Reclaimed Water Usage and Restrictions Ordinance

Copy of ordinance governing usage of and restrictions on reclaimed water....