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If you have a problem with any business transaction in Pinellas County, you can file a business complaint using the resources below.

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The Office of Consumer Protection is Here to Help

Investigation of used auto dealership fraudster results in order of restitution for victims Beginning 2015 and continuing through 2018, multiple consumers purchased......


Find a Business Complaint History

You can search the 5-year business complaint history with Consumer Protection. If you have a problem with any business transaction, you can......



Beware of Health Insurance Fraud People offering free health insurance to individuals with very low or no income. Approaching homeless individuals at......


Consumer Protection Helpful Videos

Watch consumer protection videos. ...


What can you do? Call Consumer Protection

Human Services Spotlight Series #27 A Pinellas homeowner used a Facebook ad to guide her to a company who could repaint her......


Beware of Unlicensed Contractors

Human Services Spotlight Series #26 The Contractor wanted an additional $15M with no work done … red flag… A Pinellas County homeowner......


Pinellas Consumer Protection uncovers multi-state real estate scam

A multi-state investigation initiated by Pinellas County Consumer Protection into a telemarketing business operating in Pinellas County has resulted in three people being charged in a scheme to defraud more than 100 victims....


Mortgage Fraud and Foreclosure Scams

Brochure highlighting how consumers can protect themselves from mortgage fraud and foreclosure scams....


Don’t Let Fear Cost You!

Brochure alerting Pinellas County residents to the dangers of private sales representatives attempting to charge residents for water quality. ...


Towing Ordinance 19-39

Ordinance covering car towing rates and rules....