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Hurricane Idalia Response “By the Numbers”

The State of Local Emergency declared by the BCC on Monday remains in effect until Monday, Sept. 4. ...


Respuesta al Huracán Idalia “en cifras”

Novedades más recientes sobre el incidente Estadísticas de la respuesta Si necesita ayuda Si quiere ayudar Próximos pasos para el Condado...


Consumer Protection investigation leads to arrest, $203,941 in restitution for 30 victims

Pinellas County Consumer Protection’s discovery of a scam in 2020 and subsequent investigation led to justice for 30 victims across the country......


Beware of Health Insurance Fraud in the Marketplace

Consumer Alert Most people assisting consumers with health insurance are operating in good faith and in the best interest of their clients.......


The Office of Consumer Protection is Here to Help

Investigation of used auto dealership fraudster results in order of restitution for victims Beginning 2015 and continuing through 2018, multiple consumers purchased......


Find a Business Complaint History

You can search the 5-year business complaint history with Consumer Protection. If you have a problem with any business transaction, you can......


Consumer Protection Helpful Videos

Watch consumer protection videos. ...


What can you do? Call Consumer Protection

Human Services Spotlight Series #27 A Pinellas homeowner used a Facebook ad to guide her to a company who could repaint her......


Beware of Unlicensed Contractors

Human Services Spotlight Series #26 The Contractor wanted an additional $15M with no work done … red flag… A Pinellas County homeowner......


Pinellas Consumer Protection uncovers multi-state real estate scam

A multi-state investigation initiated by Pinellas County Consumer Protection into a telemarketing business operating in Pinellas County has resulted in three people being charged in a scheme to defraud more than 100 victims....