Coastal Management

Pinellas County is home to 35 miles of beaches that impact our daily lives and attract visitors from around the world. Maintaining the coastline protects our environment, economy and way of life.

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Flood Mitigation Action Plan

Overview Pinellas County is developing a countywide Flood Mitigation Action Plan (FMAP) to make the county more resilient to flooding and other......


Treasure Island & Long Key Beach Nourishment

Overview This nourishment project involves Sunshine Beach, Sunset Beach, Upham Beach, and Pass-a-Grille Beach.  The sand for the project is planned to......


Pinellas County joins American Flood Coalition

As a part of Pinellas County’s commitment to reducing flooding and making the county more resilient — or able to withstand or......


Sea Level Rise & Storm Surge Vulnerability Assessment

Overview Sea levels are rising and, as a result, storm surge is becoming more severe. Pinellas County’s unique geography, 590 miles of......


Coastal Management Program

Pinellas County is a peninsula with 35 miles of sandy beaches on 11 barrier islands. The sand is what attracts visitors from......


Shell Key North Pass and the Grand Canal

Project Status As of March 2021, plans, specifications and permit documents are under development. Justification In recent years, large amounts of sand have......


Living Shorelines Program

Protect Your Property & Help the Environment Living shorelines use natural elements such as oyster reefs, marsh grasses and mangroves to protect......


Sustainability and Resiliency Initiatives

With nearly 600 miles of coastline, pristine ecosystems and some of the nation’s top beaches, Pinellas County is a popular place to......


Pinellas County awarded $28.6 million for environmental resilience projects

Projects include utilities water and wastewater system improvements and living shoreline at Phillippe Park Pinellas County has been awarded $28.6 million in......


Sustainability and Resiliency Report

This inaugural progress report provides a snapshot of the many Sustainability and Resiliency accomplishments made in Pinellas County....