UPS Performance Review Example

Current Responsibilities

Describe any significant changes in responsibilities since the last performance review.
  • No changes at this time.

Performance Assessment

General comments regarding employee’s job performance based on employee’s technical job credibility, achievement of the goals established during the past review and assessment of accomplishments and behavioral competencies.
  • Overall, Charles is doing well in most areas of his assigned duties.
  • He meets most of his work expectations and continues to make progress in areas he needs to develop.
Describe areas of performance needing more attention or improvement (provide specific examples).
  • Charles needs to improve in the area of working more as a team member. Charles agreed to utilize some strategies he learned in a training course on team collaboration.
  • Charles needs to get better at completing his timesheets in a timely manner. He has missed submission deadlines three times this quarter. Charles is going to attach the timesheet email reminder to the log as a reminder to himself.
Describe areas of exceptional performance (provide specific examples).
  • Charles does a great job at inspecting, repairing and maintaining his assigned equipment.
  • Charles consistently mows his assigned work areas within the set times.

Expectations and Goals

Expectations and goals for the upcoming review period. Give examples of how these goals can be met (e.g. training, support for the employee to accomplish these goals.
  • Charles will complete the test for a Commercial Driver’s License. He will be working with Stan to prepare for the upcoming exam.
  • Charles will lead team training on how to properly inspect, repair and maintain mowers.
  • Charles will submit his timesheets within the listed due dates.

Professional Development

Describe specific activities the employee will do in the next review period as part of his/her professional development and the support necessary for the employee to meet these goals.
  • Charles will study and take the Commercial Certification Driver’s license exam.
  • Charles will work one day a week with Chelsea to learn how to operate trimming equipment.
  • Charles will work with Dan to help develop the 2019 trimming schedule rotation.