Virtual Learning

Human Resources is offering virtual learning opportunities for your convenience and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. The courses are presented using Zoom or Microsoft Teams virtual platforms.

What's available?

What is a virtual course?

A virtual course is held online instead of face-to-face in a classroom. You can participate using a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

How do I register?

Register for the course using OPUS to request approval from your supervisor, just as you would for an in-person course. View the OPUS Registration Quick Reference or the OPUS Registration Step-by-Step Guide.

How do I attend the course?

After registering in OPUS, Organizational and Talent Development will send you a confirmation email approximately one week before the course date. At the designated time, log in on your computer or mobile device using the link in the email. If using a telephone for audio functions, dial one of the toll-free telephone numbers provided in the same email.

Do I have to download special software to attend a course?

For courses presented using Zoom:

  • If using a computer or laptop, you can access the course using your web browser without installing Zoom (see tutorial). If you decide to download Zoom, select the Zoom Client for Meetings option.
  • If using a tablet or smartphone, you may need to download Zoom (select the Zoom Mobile Apps option) if you cannot access the course through a web browser. 

For courses presented using Microsoft Teams:

  • Teams is part of the Microsoft Office suite (O365) provided to most county employees. If you do not have Teams, please work with your supervisor to request assistance through the Business Technology Services (BTS) Operations Center.

Do I need a Zoom account to attend a virtual course?

No. Participants are not required to have an account.

What if I don't know how to use Zoom?

Here are some options to quickly familiarize yourself with Zoom:

  • View a Zoom Overview.
  • Join a Zoom Test Meeting to test your audio and internet connection.
  • Check Zoom Attendee Controls for tips on muting your microphone, changing your screen name, using the Chat window, etc.
  • Join the virtual course 15 minutes prior to the start to take part in a short Zoom overview session.

Do I need a camera?

No. A camera is optional, but not required.

Do I need a microphone?

For courses presented using Zoom:

No. A microphone is optional. However, if your computer/laptop does not have a microphone, we recommend you also use a phone to call in so you can speak while viewing the course on your computer. If a phone is not available to call in, you can ask questions or type responses using the Zoom Chat feature on your computer.

For courses presented using Microsoft Teams:

No. A microphone is optional, but it is suggested for a more engaging experience. The Chat feature may be utilized to type questions or responses since you will not be able to talk. There is no call-in option for this platform at this time.

Can I participate by phone?

For courses presented using Zoom:

Yes. If you don’t have a microphone or speaker on your computer, you can participate by phone. However, it is recommended that you also use a computer/laptop or mobile device to view the presentation while using the phone for audio features. Tips when accessing a Zoom course via phone:

  • Use *6 to mute/unmute.
  • Use *9 to raise your hand.

For courses presented using Microsoft Teams:

No. There is no call-in feature available for this platform.

How do I prepare for a virtual course?

You will get an email with the course materials link and online link approximately one week before your scheduled course. You will be unable to access the course without this email information.

Are virtual courses recorded?

No. Each virtual course offers participant interaction and engagement activities that are unique every time the course is offered. Not recording a course also allows for more open and honest communication between participants and the instructor. There are some lecture-only webinars available, which are recorded.

Can a group of employees participate together in a virtual course?

No. This learning opportunity is not a webinar and should not be accessed as a group. The course activities are meant to provide individualized learning and participation.

Other tips?

  • Set up an intentional space to avoid distractions.
  • Make sure you’re muted when not talking.
  • Be yourself and respect others.
  • Ask questions using the Chat feature.
  • Utilize the Raise Your Hand feature if you want to ask a question live.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Contact the Organizational and Talent Development team at