Workforce Options for the Unified Personnel System

When a position is needed, hiring managers should consider the nature of the work to be performed, the skills required to perform the work, the length of time for which the work will be performed, why the work is being performed, the method of compensation (County general fund, grant money, etc.) and the level of difficulty in attracting qualified candidates. 

Pinellas County Unified Personnel System (UPS) Employees

  1. Permanent UPS position – A permanent position is one for which the duties and responsibilities are expected to be ongoing and which is funded with a recurring source. The term “permanent” does not mean that the position cannot evolve or be eliminated. A permanent position may be a classified position or an exempt position. Also see Personnel Rule 2, Section A.
  2. Temporary UPS position (expected duration of six months or less) – A temporary UPS position is one for which the duties and responsibilities are expected to occur for a short time frame or seasonally. The initial appointment may be for up to six months. The appointment may be extended for up to an additional six months with the approval of the Unified Personnel Board. Also see Personnel Rule 2, Section B.
  3. Grant worker UPS position – A grant worker position is a position created for a specific grant(s) only. An employee hired into a grant worker position is a permanent employee appointed for the length of the grant(s). A grant worker position is only an option if there is grant funding for the position. Also see Personnel Rule 2, Section C.
  4. Special projects UPS position – A special project position is created for a specific project(s) and for a specific amount of time. An employee hired into a special project position is a temporary employee. Also see Personnel Rule 2, Section C.

Staffing Agency Contractors

The first step is to complete the Temporary Labor Request Form. Human Resources will review the information and make a recommendation on using a County employee, volunteer, intern, or staffing agency contractor.

HR administers a UPS-wide contract with Personnel Solutions Plus staffing agency to provide contingent labor for special circumstances. Contractors assigned to work for the County through a staffing agency are not County (UPS) employees. They are employees of the staffing agency. Reasons for using contract labor include: 

  1. Coverage of work performed by a UPS employee who is on extended leave.
  2. Providing additional support during times of high volume or critical need.
  3. Providing highly specialized skills.

Some Appointing Authorities have established specialty contracts with staffing agencies specializing in providing individuals in particular fields. Those contracts are administered by the Appointing Authority (outside of HR).

To learn more and view FAQs, see Temporary Staffing

Independent Contractors or Consultants

For certain special needs, independent contractors or consultants may be utilized. To secure this type of labor, a contract is required. The contractors are not UPS employees. Departments should consult with the County Attorney’s office on situations when an independent contractor or consultant contract is desired. 

Unpaid Staffing

  1. Volunteer
  2. Intern