Discipline Process

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Employee Relations provides unbiased information and guidance to both management and employees regarding counseling and disciplinary issues. The goal is to provide each employee with a full opportunity for success.

For information or assistance, contact Employee Relations at (727) 464-3367, option 2, or by email at Employee.Relations@pinellascounty.org.

Disciplinary Policies and Processes

Progressive Discipline

The progressive discipline process includes several steps. Although supervisors often proceed in the order shown below, some serious issues may require a supervisor to go directly to a written warning or even to a pre-disciplinary hearing. For more detail, see Counseling and Progressive Discipline.

Coaching & Counseling

Coaching is used by supervisors to encourage and motivate their employees to achieve better performance. Counseling is used to resolve a problem. Download the Counseling Form (SharePoint link).

Verbal Warning

If a problem continues after counseling, a supervisor may discuss the issue with the employee and explain the necessary corrective action. Download the Verbal Warning Form (SharePoint link).

Written Warning

If a problem continues after a verbal warning, a supervisor may utilize a written warning to help an employee understand the issue and take corrective action. Download the Written Warning Form (SharePoint link).

Pre-Disciplinary Hearing

If a problem continues after a written warning, a supervisor may take disciplinary action that affects an employee’s pay, including suspension, pay reduction, demotion or dismissal. Before any such actions occur, an employee has a right to a pre-disciplinary hearing to present information on their view of the situation. Download the Pre-Disciplinary Hearing Form (SharePoint link).

Discipline Process Forms

Items are listed in order of progression. These forms are provided in Microsoft Word format to be fully editable.

Letter Templates

Items are listed in alphabetical order. These letters are provided in Microsoft Word format to be fully editable. The documents are located in SharePoint:

Tools for Supervisors