Employee Responsibilities

Definition of the word Responsibility highlighted in green with felt tip pen

Pinellas County employees are proud to provide professional and friendly service every day. The following items are basic responsibilities of all County employees. Please check with your supervisor on your department’s specific requirements. 

  • Policies
  • Attendance
    • Be on time.
    • Provide advance notice to your supervisor for job absences, when possible.
  • Behavior
    • Offer courteous treatment at all times to the public.
    • Maintain a congenial working relationship with co-workers.
    • Act in a manner that will bring credit to you and to Pinellas County government at all times and in all places.
  • Dress Code
    • If required, wear a uniform or badge.
    • If there is no uniform requirement, dress in accordance with good taste, proper image for the job, and your department’s rules.
  • Ethics
  • Internet/Intranet Use
    • Use the Internet for official and authorized County business, according to your department’s rules.
    • Access the County’s Intranet site as needed when time permits (internal link for employees).
    • Follow the Information Security Guide.
  • Arrest Reporting
    • Report to your supervisor if you are arrested during work or outside of work hours by the first scheduled workday following the arrest (see Arrest Reporting).
  • Personnel File
    Keep your information up-to-date by using OPUS Employee Self Service:
    • Use OPUS (Personal Information) to update address, phone number, or emergency contact.
    • Use OPUS (Tax Form) to update withholding W-4 information.
    • Use OPUS (Manage Payroll Payments) to allocate your direct deposit.
    • Use OPUS (OLM Learner) to sign up for internal courses (see How to Request a Course) or to enter courses taken outside of Pinellas County Government (see How to Add External Learning in OPUS).
  • ID Badge
    • Maintain a County photo ID badge in your possession while at work.
    • Replace a lost or stolen ID badge.
    • Turn in your ID badge upon resignation or termination.
    • Also see the ID Badge Procedure.
  • Safety
    • Exercise due care in the course of your work to prevent injuries to you, your co-workers, or the public.
    • Report any unsafe conditions promptly to your supervisor.
    • Keep work areas clean and orderly.
    • Obey safety and environmental rules and work instructions.
    • Follow all manufacturer guides and written safety programs.
    • Wear required personal protective equipment.
    • Operate only machines and equipment for which you are certified and/or authorized by your supervisor.
    • For more info, see the Risk Management site (internal SharePoint link for employees) and Safety Policy (internal link for employees).
  • Driving a County Vehicle
  • Outside Employment
  • Emergency Call Out
    • Discuss with your supervisor what is required of you in case of an emergency.
    • Respond as required before, during and/or after an emergency. (See Personnel Rule 3, page 6, for emergency compensation).