Performance Management – FACE

What is FACE?

FACE: Feedback, Ask Questions, Conversation, Explore Options

FACE refers to:

  • Face-to-face conversations between a supervisor and employee
  • An acronym for Feedback, Ask Questions, Conversation and Explore Options
  • The performance management software system

Talent Center Login/Password

FACE performance reviews are found in the Talent Center. The options to access the Talent Center are based on your organization as shown below:

Group 1

BTS, County Administrator, County Commissioners, County Attorney, Forward Pinellas, Human Resources and Office of Human Rights

If you work for one of these organizations, sign into Okta and select Taleo – Talent Center. (Chrome is the preferred browser.)

To access Okta, use your regular network login (username and password). Okta serves as a single sign-on portal so once you log into Okta, you can access the Talent Center directly.

Group 2

Clerk’s Office, Property Appraiser’s Office, Supervisor of Elections and Tax Collector’s Office

If you work for one of these organizations, use the Talent Center link. This link is also found in your Favorites list. Enter your OPUS login and your Talent Center password.

Can’t log in? Forgot your password? Need to update your password? Contact Business Technology Services at or at (727) 453-HELP (4357).


Some terms differ in the FACE model and software, such as:

  • Notes = Comments (used by a supervisor to keep track of discussions they have with an employee about performance)
  • Summarize Performance Conversations = Performance Review (completed in the FACE system to note overall performance, goals and expectations)


  • For technical questions, contact Business Technology Services at or at 453-HELP (4357).
  • For employee performance questions, contact Human Resources at (727) 464-3367, option 2, or email