Learning Catalog

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I view Pinellas County’s Learning Catalog?

  • View the catalog in SharePoint.
  • View the catalog in OPUS:
    1. Log into OPUS at opus.pinellascounty.org.
    2. Select PIN OLM Learner and Learner Home to view all courses offered.
    3. Select the *Learning Catalog link on the right side under Browse Catalog.
    4. When that page opens, view courses by clicking on the Alphabetical Listing link. Once this page opens, it may be helpful to click on the Course Name column heading so that courses display in alphabetical order.
    5. Click the Next 10 button on the right side to scroll through courses or Previous 10 to scroll back.

How do I request a course in OPUS?

Requesting a course in OPUS is easy. Refer to one of these guides:

I’m searching for a course, but I can’t find it. What do I do?

To locate a course in OPUS, try restricting your search by using only one of the words in the name of the course. If your search still does not display a course, there are several explanations:

  • The course may be restricted to certain learner group(s) and therefore would not be listed as being open to all consortium members.
  • The course may not presently be offered. OPUS displays current and future date courses, not courses that occurred in the past.

If a particular course is not offered, contact Human Resources at learning@pinellas.gov or (727) 464-3367, option 2. Based on needs and resources available, additional learning options may be made available.

My course enrollment request has been approved. Does that mean I am enrolled?

No. Your OPUS request is reviewed by your supervisor and, if approved, is then sent to OLM to confirm seat availability.

  • You are enrolled in a course when you receive an email from WFEPRD confirming that you have successfully enrolled in the course. If you have not received that email, then you are not enrolled.
  • You can view your course enrollments at any time by logging into OPUS, selecting PIN OLM Learner and Learner Home. Click Current Learning under the Learn Home tab, and you will see all the courses you are currently enrolled in.
  • If a course is full you may have been placed on the waiting list. To check, click the Requested Learning tab to view your list of course names (if none display click the ‘ + ‘ sign to the left of the word Enrollments). Courses are displayed from oldest to newest, so click the Start Date column heading to display the newest courses first. If the course you requested is displayed and you are wait-listed, then it will display Wait Listed in the status column.

Where is my course being held?

  1. Log into OPUS then select PIN OLM Learner, Learner Home.
  2. Under the Learner Home/Current Learning tab, click on the course link to view the location.

Where can I find a map and parking info for my course?

See all the learning locations for maps and parking information.

Will OPUS remind me that I have an upcoming course to attend?

  • Yes. When you are enrolled in a course, you will get an email reminder seven calendar days prior to the course date. We recommend you drag and drop this email into your Outlook Calendar. Remember to allow for travel time when setting the appointment reminder.
  • Course enrollments that take place less than seven days prior to the course start date will not get an OPUS reminder.

I signed up for a course, but I can't make it. Will my department get billed?

  • No. There is no charge to departments for courses published in the Learning Catalog, although consortium members (non-UPS employees) pay for materials for certain courses.
  • If you cannot make a course, log into OPUS and unenroll yourself from the course to assist Organizational & Talent Development with filling all available course seats.

Does a record of my county courses go in my personnel file?

  • OPUS contains your learning history for any courses taken after 2011 through OLM, so there is no need to update your personnel file with county course information.
  • For learning history records prior to 2011, please contact Human Resources at learning@pinellas.gov or (727) 464-3367, option 2.

Are some courses offered virtually?

Yes. Some courses are offered on Zoom or Teams. See these virtual learning options for more information.

I’ve taken external courses or obtained a degree. Does this information go in my personnel file?

  • You can add external courses in OPUS (PIN OLM Learner area) and certificates or degrees (PIN Employee Self Service).
  • Entries should be relevant to your current or past positions.
  • Please see How to Add External Learning in OPUS for instructions and screenshots.

How do I take courses not offered in the Learning Catalog?

  • The Tuition Reimbursement Program may be used for courses taken on your own time for job enhancement or career development. Learn more about the Tuition Reimbursement Program.
  • Academic and career coaching are available if you would like to speak with someone about internal courses that would meet your learning objectives.

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