Inspection Numbers and Types

Automated Inspection Phone Line: (727) 453-4000

Please note: There will be some changes to the sign and solar inspection processes starting in April. We will share updates on our website when these changes are implemented. Until then, please continue to schedule these inspections as usual.

New automated inspection phone line codes will be created for the following inspection types. We will update this page when they are .

Number Type
TBD E – Sign Final
TBD E – Solar Photovoltaic Final
TBD P – Solar Domestic Water Heater Final
TBD B – Solar Pool/Spa Heater Final

Building Inspections

1002B – Footing
1004B – Slab
1006B – Lintel
1008B – Roof Sheathing
1009B – Wall Sheathing
1010B – Insulation
1012B – Roof Dry-in
1014B – Flashing
1016B – Frame
1018B – Wall Dry-in
1020B – Lath
1022B – Dry wall
1024B – Roof Covering
1026B – Column
1028B – Fire Wall
1030B – Steel
1032B – Deck
1036B – Press Test
1040B – Tie Backs
1041B – Caps
1042B – Beams
1043B – Mobile Home Tie Down
1046B – Fire or Vehicle Damage
1050B – Niche
1051B – Static Water
1052B – Partial Final Pool Protect
1060B – Track
1065B – Fill Cell
1070B – Strapping
1075B – Reroof in Progress
1097B – Partial Final
1099B – Final

Mechanical Inspections

1200M – 1st Rough
1201M – Partial Rough
1202M – Oil
1204M – Furnace
1206M – Boiler
1208M – Downdraft KV
1297M – Partial Final
1299M – Final

Gas Inspections

1500G – 1st Rough Gas Complete
1502G – Aboveground Tank
1504G – Aboveground Tank
1505G – 1st Rough Piping and PT Int
1506G – 1st Rough Piping and  PT UG
1508G – Piping Ext or Underground
1509G – Appliance Install Only
1510G – Gas Generator Set and Anchor
1540G – 1st Rough Piping and PT Ext
1542G – 1st Rgh Gas Venting Only
1597G – Partial Final
1599G – Final

Electrical Inspections

Number Type
1100E – Sawpole
1102E – Slab
1104E – First Rough
1106E – Tempory Power
1108E – Service
1110E – Pool Bond
1114E – Wet Niche Bond
1116E – Fire or Vehicle Damage Insp
1118E – Ceiling Rough
1122E – TUG Inspection
1140E – Partial Rough
1150E – Rough FA
1151E – Partial Rough FA
1152E – Partial Final FA
1153E – Final FA
1154E – Partial Rough Low Voltage
1155E – Partial Final Low Voltage
1197E – Partial Final
1199E – Final

Plumbing Inspections

1300P – 1st Rough
1302P – 2nd Rough
1306P – Sewer
1308P – Water Svc
1310P – Big Tub
1312P – DWV/Roof
1314P – Shower Pans  Only
1316P – Irrigation BFD
1320P – UG Storm Piping
1321P – Storm Sewer
1322P – Storm Conductors
1323P – Roof Drains
1324P – Tub Set Only
1325P – Grease Interceptors
1327P – Water Pipe Only
1330P – Tankless W/H
1332P – Medical Gas 1st Rough
1333P – Medical Gas 2nd Rough
1397P – Partial Final
1399P – Final

Hood Inspections

1400H – 1st Rough
1497H – Partial Final
1499H – Final

Chemical Inspections

1600C – 1st Rough
1697C – Partial Final
1699C – Final

Refrigeration Inspections

1700R – 1st Rough
1710R – Pressure Test
1797R – Partial Final
1799R – Final

DRS Finals

3002ENGR – Final and/or CO