Asbestos Program

The asbestos program investigates complaints, cooperates with state and local agencies for asbestos project notification, and inspects demolition and renovation projects to ensure the proper removal and disposal of asbestos-containing materials in compliance with the Asbestos National Emissions Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP).

Renovation and demolition projects require a written asbestos survey by a state-licensed asbestos consultant before disturbing any existing building materials. All non-residential demolition projects and many renovation projects require the advance submission of an asbestos notification

Asbestos Regulations and Requirements


Additional Resources

You might find asbestos in your home in these places: transite shingles and siding, roofing felt, dry asbestos insulation materials use to insulate alleys (very unusual), transite furnace flue, asbestos siding, lineleum backing, vinyl asbestos floor tiles, acoustic ceiling material, taping compound and asbestos plaster, asbestos-cement logs and artificial ash, asbestos taping inside registers, pipe insulation and elbow mud, door gaskets, block insulation, aircell pads inside furnace, asbestos fabric vibration - insulation joint, asbestos taping on return seams, insulation inside fuse boxes and old wire insulation, aircell and sheeting ductwork insulation