Community Outreach for the Beckett Bridge Replacement Project

Opportunities for community involvement were provided throughout the study. There are no upcoming public meetings or presentations currently scheduled for this project. A Public Workshop will be held after the Aesthetics Plan is finalized and accepted. The Public Workshop has not yet been scheduled and will occur later in the design process.

The project team values your input on the Beckett Bridge Project. Questions and comments can be submitted by visiting the Contact Us page.

Information on past meetings is provided below.

Past Meetings and Presentations

April 2014 BCC Meeting – Confirmation of Public Hearing Results

A presentation was made to the Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) on April 15, 2014 which summarized the results of the February 26, 2014 Public Hearing held at Tarpon Springs Yacht Club. The BCC confirmed and ratified their approval of the “Recommended Alternative” to move forward as the “Preferred Alternative” and to be submitted to the Federal Highway Administration for approval. The meeting was open to the public.

February 2014 – Public Hearing

A Public Hearing was held on February 26, 2014. The purpose of this hearing was to present the “Recommended Alternative” to the community and receive public comments on this alternative. The “Recommended Alternative” described at the Public Hearing consisted of replacing the existing two-lane movable bridge with a new, two-lane movable bridge. The proposed new bridge will provide improved pedestrian and bicycle facilities and will meet current design safety standards. The bridge will provide approximately 7.8 feet of vertical clearance at the fenders (approximately 1.8 feet more than the existing bridge) in the closed position for boats traveling under the bridge. Unlimited clearance will be provided for boats in the open position. The proposed new bridge will be constructed within the existing County right-of-way.

January 2013 – Alternatives Community Workshop

An Alternatives Community Workshop was held on January 23, 2013. The purpose of this meeting was to solicit community input on alternatives that were evaluated during the PD&E study.