Total Compensation Package: Example 2

We are proud of the total compensation package provided to our employees. The example below shows the total value that Pinellas County Government provides to one classified employee. Please note that individual totals vary based on wages, longevity, and benefits selected. See Example 1 for an exempt employee.

Our total compensation package includes annual wages (includes paid time off), health benefits, financial protection, and retirement benefits. For more information, see Benefits.

Current employees may view a personalized statement in OPUS (see a step-by-step OPUS Screenshots Guide).

Compensation Type Pinellas County Annual Contribution
Medical  $16,680.00
Dental $594.00
Short term disability $390.00
Long term disability $183.82
Life Insurance $34.56
Reemployment Assistance $35.00
Workers Compensation $275.53
Florida Retirement System* $5,613.52
Social Security and Medicare $3,605.66
Tuition Reimbursement $2,800.00
Holidays $1,631.52
Floating Holidays $362.56
Personal Days $362.56
Annual leave (120 hours) $2,719.20
Added Value of Above Benefits (43%) $35,287.93
Annual Base Pay ($22.66/hour) $47,132.80
Total County Paid Compensation $82,420.73

*Applies to the pension plan. See the Florida Retirement System for investment plan information.

Updated 2/15/23