Appointing Authorities

Pinellas County’s Unified Personnel System was established in 1975 by a special act of the Florida Legislature. The Unified Personnel System has 10 members or Appointing Authorities.

(Listed in alphabetical order by last name)

Whit Blanton

Executive Director, Forward Pinellas

(previously Pinellas Planning Council and Metropolitan Planning Organization)

Portrait of Charles "Whit" Blanton, Executive Director of Forward Pinellas

Responsible for integrating countywide planning for land use and transportation as well as intergovernmental coordination among Pinellas County’s 24 municipalities and regional transportation agencies in Tampa Bay. The organization provides a forum for local governments to cooperate on issues that affect more than one jurisdiction and to bring consistency to planning and regulatory efforts. (website)

Ken Burke

Clerk of the Circuit Court

Portrait of Ken Burke

An elected official, the Clerk of the Circuit Court serves as the ministerial officer for the circuit and county courts and performs the constitutional and statutory duties for both trial courts as record keeper of all court records and pleadings filed. The Clerk also serves as the recorder of deeds, clerk and accountant of the Board of County Commissioners, custodian of county funds (county treasurer), county auditor (comptroller) and clerk of the water and navigation control authority. (website)

Barry A. Burton

County Administrator

Portrait of Barry Burton

The County Administrator serves as the chief administrative officer for Pinellas County government and is responsible for leading more than 1,900 dedicated employees who strive to provide the most efficient and fiscally responsible services to county residents and visitors. (website)

Jeffery Lorick

Director of Office of Human Rights/EEO Officer

Portrait of Jeffery Lorick

The Office of Human Rights is responsible for protecting the rights of our citizens to equal employment opportunities and freedom from discrimination with regard to race, color, religion, national origin, marital status, sex, age or disability, pursuant to state and federal law. (website)

Julie Marcus

Supervisor of Elections

Portrait of Julie Marcus

An elected official, this office is responsible for voter registration, voter education, and the security and integrity of the electoral process by conducting elections for Pinellas County and our 24 municipalities efficiently and cost effectively. This office also qualifies candidates for various local elections and maintains financial reports for local campaigns. (website)

Jeff Rohrs

Chief Information Officer, Business Technology Services

Portrait of Jeff Rohrs

An internal department, Business Technology Services provides technology solutions in computer, telephone and other electronic technologies to meet the county’s critical business drivers. (website)

Peggy Rowe

Human Resources Director

Peggy Rowe

Acting for the Unified Personnel System, this department supports all Appointing Authorities by recruiting, retaining and developing a talented, diverse and engaged workforce prepared to serve the citizens of Pinellas County. Human Resources strives to be a trusted solution partner by providing expert services regarding employee relations, performance management, benefits and wellness programs, compensation, learning opportunities, recognition programs, recruiting strategies and employee communication tools. (website)

Charles W. Thomas

Tax Collector

Portrait of Charles W. Thomas

As an elected official, the Tax Collector is responsible for collecting and distributing a variety of local taxes including taxes on real estate, tangible personal property and tourist development. The office is also an agent for the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles issuing drivers licenses and ID cards as well as titles and registrations for motor vehicles, mobile homes and boats. Other services include concealed weapon licenses, fishing and hunting licenses and certified copies of Florida birth certificates. (website)

Mike Twitty

Property Appraiser

Portrait of Mike Twitty

An elected official who has the legal responsibility to discover the market value set by individuals in the real estate marketplace and to appraise property accordingly with accurate and uniform property valuations for tax purposes. Additionally, the Property Appraiser’s office administers homestead, tangible personal property, religious, charitable, education, veteran, widow, widower and disability exemptions. (website)

Jewel White

County Attorney

Portrait of Jewel White

The office of County Attorney is responsible for the representation of County government, the Board of County Commissioners, the County Administrator, constitutional officers and all other departments, divisions, regulatory boards and advisory boards of County government in all legal matters relating to their official responsibilities. (website)