Employment Verification

Person holding a mini blackboard with Employment Verification written on it.

Employment verification is confirmation that an employee (or former employee) worked for Pinellas County Government. The request is usually for items such as dates of employment, salary, and job title.


  • John is trying to rent or buy a home and his landlord or financial institution needs to confirm his job and salary.
  • Sue is applying for a job and her prospective employer wants to confirm the dates on her job application or resume.

There are two options for employment verification:

  1. Employee enters an employment verification release in OPUS.
  2. Employee or requestor contacts HR by emailing AskHR@pinellas.gov.

Option 1: OPUS Release

  • This is the fastest option as the information is sent from OPUS to the requestor immediately upon completing the release.
  • Select from the following two options (identical except the second option includes your salary), enter the requestor’s email, and they will immediately receive an email from you with this information:
    • Employment Information: Name, title, department, hire date, years of service, and work phone number
    • Employment and Salary Information: Name, title, department, hire date, years of service, work phone number, and annual salary
  • View the OPUS Employment Verification Release Guide to view the steps including screenshots.

Option 2: Contact HR

  • The employee or the requestor emails Human Resources at AskHR@pinellas.gov and the information will be provided within 24 hours.
  • This is the best option if there is a form to complete or a request for an official letter.
  • Human Resources staff can provide the following items:
    • Confirmation that the person is a current employee
    • Job title
    • Hire date
    • Termination/end date (if applicable)
    • Full time or part time status
    • Salary, excluding detailed information such as overtime or shift differential pay which is available from Payroll at payroll@mypinellasclerk or (727) 464-8392
  • General job duties are available in the class specifications.
  • If you need additional information, please email AskHR@pinellas.gov.


Contact Human Resources Employment at (727) 464-3367, option 2 or by email at hiring@pinellas.gov.