Class Specifications

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  • The following class specifications are for the Pinellas County Government Unified Personnel System which includes ten Appointing Authorities.
  • A class specification is a broad description and encompasses the general duties of various jobs within the classification. The specific job or position description within a department is useful for various purposes including recruiting and is maintained by the department, as it contains more detailed information about the duties of the individual position.
  • Unable to find a class specification? If so, email us.
Class SpecificationPay Grade
911 Database AnalystPay Grade C23
911 Geographic Base AnalystPay Grade C23
911 Geographic Base Technical CoordinatorPay Grade C28
911 MSAG AnalystPay Grade C21
911 Public Safety Center ManagerPay Grade E24
911 Public Safety Center Manager, Sr.Pay Grade E26
911 Public Safety Center Supervisor 1Pay Grade C25
911 Public Safety Center Supervisor 2Pay Grade C26
911 Public Safety TelecommunicatorPay Grade C21
911 Public Safety Telecommunicator, LeadPay Grade C24
911 Quality Assurance SpecialistPay Grade C24
911 Radio Communications AnalystPay Grade C22
911 Radio Systems AdministratorPay Grade C30
911 Radio Systems CoordinatorPay Grade C26
911 Records TechnicianPay Grade C16
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Abstractor, SeniorPay Grade C20
Accountant 1Pay Grade C22
Accountant 2Pay Grade C27
Accounting & Finance ClerkPay Grade C15
Accounting & Finance TechnicianPay Grade C18
Accounting ManagerPay Grade C28
Accounting Services CoordinatorPay Grade C25
Accounting SpecialistPay Grade C23
Accounting SupervisorPay Grade C23
Acquisition & Disposition CoordinatorPay Grade C28
Administrative Support Specialist 1Pay Grade C19
Administrative Support Specialist 2Pay Grade C22
Agenda CoordinatorPay Grade E17
Airport DirectorPay Grade E41
Airport Fire ChiefPay Grade C30
Airport Fire LieutenantPay Grade F25
Airport FirefighterPay Grade F21
Airport Operations ManagerPay Grade E26
Airport Operations SupervisorPay Grade C22
Airport Public Relations and Media ManagerPay Grade E25
Airport Security CoordinatorPay Grade E15
Airport Traffic AssistantPay Grade C13
Ambulance Billing AnalystPay Grade C20
Ambulance Billing Compliance OfficerPay Grade E18
Animal Care AssistantPay Grade C13
Animal Care SupervisorPay Grade C17
Animal Control Officer 1Pay Grade C20
Animal Control Officer 2Pay Grade C21
Animal Control Officer 3Pay Grade C23
Animal Services Field ManagerPay Grade E21
Animal Services Program CoordinatorPay Grade E16
Animal Services Program ManagerPay Grade E18
Animal Services RepresentativePay Grade C15
Application AnalystPay Grade E22
Application Analyst, Sr.Pay Grade E24
Application DeveloperPay Grade E24
Application Developer, Sr.Pay Grade E26
Application Support AnalystPay Grade C25
Aquatics Program SupervisorPay Grade C23
Arborist 1Pay Grade C17
Arborist 2Pay Grade C20
Arborist ApprenticePay Grade C15
Asset Management Support SpecialistPay Grade C19
Assistant Appraisal DirectorPay Grade 150
Assistant County AdministratorPay Grade E40
Assistant County Attorney 1Pay Grade E25
Assistant County Attorney 2Pay Grade E31
Assistant Director, Finance DivisionPay Grade 150
Assistant Director Land RecordsPay Grade 150
Assistant Director of Commercial AppraisalsPay Grade 150
Assistant Director of ExemptionsPay Grade 150
Assistant Inspector GeneralPay Grade 150
Assistant Manager, Board RecordsPay Grade 150
Assistant Manager, CCCPay Grade 150
Assistant Manager, CCC Information TechnologyPay Grade 150
Assistant Manager, Clerk TrainingPay Grade 150
Assistant Manager, Finance DivisionPay Grade 150
Assistant to the County AdministratorPay Grade E28
Automotive Equipment Operator 1Pay Grade C14
Automotive Equipment Operator 2Pay Grade C17
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BDRS Administrative SupervisorPay Grade C26
BDRS Floodplain SpecialistPay Grade C19
Behavioral Health Data ScientistPay Grade E26
Board of County Commissioners (no class specification)
Board Records SupervisorPay Grade 150
Board ReporterPay Grade C19
Board Reporter, SeniorPay Grade C23
Broadcast Engineering SpecialistPay Grade E23
BTS Chief Technology OfficerPay Grade E32
BTS Team LeaderPay Grade E27
Budget & Financial Management Analyst 1Pay Grade E23
Budget & Financial Management Analyst 2Pay Grade E24
Budget & Financial Management Analyst 3Pay Grade E25
Building & Development Review Services Permit Section SupervisorPay Grade C22
Building Division ChiefPay Grade C31
Building Inspector 1Pay Grade C20
Building Inspector 2Pay Grade C24
Building Inspector 3Pay Grade C26
Building Permit Technician 1Pay Grade C15
Building Permit Technician 2Pay Grade C17
Building Services Division ManagerPay Grade E29
Building Services SpecialistPay Grade C17
Building Services Specialist, LeadPay Grade C19
Business AnalystPay Grade 150
Business Assistant Specialist 1Pay Grade C19
Business Assistant Specialist 2Pay Grade C23
Business Assistant Specialist 3Pay Grade C26
Business Intelligence AnalystPay Grade E24
Business Intelligence DeveloperPay Grade E26
Business Support Specialist 1Pay Grade C19
Business Support Specialist 2Pay Grade C22
Business Systems SpecialistPay Grade 150
Business Systems/Quality Review CoordinatorPay Grade C26
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CAO Operations Support SpecialistPay Grade C22
CCC Budget AnalystPay Grade 150
CCC Chief Technology OfficerPay Grade 150
CCC Director, Administration DivisionPay Grade 150
CCC Executive AssistantPay Grade 150
CCC Information Technology Solution Developer 1Pay Grade 150
CCC Information Technology Solution Developer 2Pay Grade 150
CCC Information Technology Solution Developer, SeniorPay Grade 150
CCC Information Technology Solution Developer, SMEPay Grade 150
CCC Information Technology Solution Developer, SpecialistPay Grade 150
CCC Information Technology Solution Developer, Team LeadPay Grade 150
CCC Information Technology Solution Developer, Tech LeadPay Grade 150
CCC Information Technology System Analyst 1Pay Grade 150
CCC Information Technology System Analyst 2Pay Grade 150
CCC Information Technology System Analyst, SeniorPay Grade 150
CCC Information Technology System Analyst, SMEPay Grade 150
CCC Information Technology System Analyst, SpecialistPay Grade 150
CCC Information Technology System Analyst, Team LeadPay Grade 150
CCC Information Technology System Analyst, Technical LeadPay Grade 150
CCC Lead Budget AnalystPay Grade 150
CCC Office AdministratorPay Grade 150
CCC Project Planning & Compliance OfficerPay Grade 150
CCC Purchasing Operations OfficerPay Grade 150
CCC Staff CounselPay Grade 150
CCC Technology OfficerPay Grade 150
Certified Veterinary TechnicianPay Grade C21
Chemist 1Pay Grade C21
Chemist 2Pay Grade C24
Chemist 3Pay Grade C26
Chief Assistant County AttorneyPay Grade E42
Chief Deputy Director Finance DivisionPay Grade 150
Chief Deputy Property AppraiserPay Grade 150
Chief Deputy Tax CollectorPay Grade TCE-39
Chief Information Officer, BTSPay Grade E40
Chief Information TechnologistPay Grade E30
Chief Park RangerPay Grade C25
Chief Tourist Development Tax AuditorPay Grade TCE-23
Claims Adjuster 1Pay Grade C24
Claims Adjuster 2Pay Grade C26
Clerk’s Accounting SupervisorPay Grade 150
Clerk’s Director of TechnologyPay Grade 150
Clerk’s Reporting Support Specialist 1Pay Grade C18
Clerk’s Reporting Support Specialist 2Pay Grade C20
Clerk’s Technology, Chief Information OfficerPay Grade 150
Clerk Training AdministratorPay Grade 150
Coastal Management CoordinatorPay Grade E25
Code Enforcement Division ManagerPay Grade E29
Code Enforcement Officer 1Pay Grade C21
Code Enforcement Officer 2Pay Grade C23
Code Enforcement SpecialistPay Grade C17
Code Enforcement SupervisorPay Grade C26
Communications CoordinatorPay Grade 150
Communications ManagerPay Grade E23
Community Communication ManagerPay Grade 150
Community Development Specialist 1Pay Grade C21
Community Development Specialist 2Pay Grade C23
Community Development Specialist 3Pay Grade C27
Community Development Specialist 4Pay Grade C31
Community Health NursePay Grade C25
Community Outreach & Customer Services CoordinatorPay Grade C26
Computer Systems SpecialistPay Grade C27
Construction AdministratorPay Grade E25
Construction Management Inspector 1Pay Grade C25
Construction Management Inspector 2Pay Grade C29
Consumer Protection Investigator 1Pay Grade C24
Consumer Protection Investigator 2Pay Grade C26
Contract Administration CoordinatorPay Grade C27
Contract Services Specialist 1Pay Grade C20
Contract Services Specialist 2Pay Grade C22
Contractor Licensing Field InvestigatorPay Grade C24
County AdministratorSalary by contract
County AttorneySalary by contract
Court Clerk 1Pay Grade C18
Court Clerk 2Pay Grade C20
Court Clerk SupervisorPay Grade C23
Court Evidence SpecialistPay Grade C16
Court Records SupervisorPay Grade C22
Court Registry SpecialistPay Grade C18
Craftworker 1Pay Grade C18
Craftworker 2Pay Grade C20
Crew Chief 1Pay Grade C18
Crew Chief 2Pay Grade C20
CRM AdministratorPay Grade E19
Curator of CollectionsPay Grade C26
Curator of EducationPay Grade C26
Customer Information Center Specialist 1Pay Grade C15
Customer Information Center Specialist 2Pay Grade C16
Customer Services AnalystPay Grade C20
Customer Services SpecialistPay Grade C18
Customer Services SupervisorPay Grade C27
CVB Division Manager 1Pay Grade E26
CVB Division Manager 2Pay Grade E28
CVB ManagerPay Grade E25
CVB Sales RepresentativePay Grade E19
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Data AnalystPay Grade E22
Database AdministratorPay Grade E24
Database DeveloperPay Grade E26
Deed SpecialistPay Grade C20
Department Administrative ManagerPay Grade E24
Department Computer Support Specialist 1Pay Grade C22
Department Computer Support Specialist 2Pay Grade C25
Department Computer Support TechnicianPay Grade C18
Department Fiscal SupervisorPay Grade E23
Departmental GIS Application SpecialistPay Grade C25
Departmental Training SpecialistPay Grade C20
Deputy County Administrator/Chief of StaffPay Grade E42
Deputy for Assessment AdministrationPay Grade 150
Deputy for Information SystemsPay Grade 150
Deputy of AppraisalsPay Grade 150
Deputy of GIS Land RecordsPay Grade 150
Deputy Supervisor of ElectionsPay Grade 150
Deputy Tax CollectorPay Grade TCE-33
Desktop Publishing TechnicianPay Grade C20
Development Project Manager 1Pay Grade C27
Development Project Manager 2Pay Grade C30
Development Project Manager 3Pay Grade E25
Development Review Environmental ManagerPay Grade E24
Development Review Services SpecialistPay Grade C17
Development Review Services Specialist, LeadPay Grade C19
Digital and Audiovisual ManagerPay Grade E25
Director 1Pay Grade E30
Director 2Pay Grade E32
Director 3Pay Grade E35
Director 4Pay Grade E37
Director, Convention & Visitors BureauPay Grade E41
Director, Court & Operational Services DivisionPay Grade 150
Director, Finance DivisionPay Grade 150
Director, Human ResourcesPay Grade E40
Director, Human RightsPay Grade E35
Director, Office of Asset ManagementPay Grade E33
Director, Office of Technology & InnovationPay Grade E35
Director, Strategic Planning & InitiativesPay Grade E40
Director of Branch OfficesPay Grade 150
Director of Commercial AppraisalsPay Grade 150
Director of ExemptionsPay Grade 150
Director of Land RecordsPay Grade 150
Director of PAO Budget & Financial ServicesPay Grade 150
Director of PAO Public Information ServicesPay Grade 150
Director of Personal PropertyPay Grade 150
Director of Residential AppraisalsPay Grade 150
Director of Valuation Analysis & SupportPay Grade 150
Division Manager, Development Review ServicesPay Grade E29
Division Manager, Fleet OperationsPay Grade E32
DNA AnalystPay Grade E19
DRS Plans CoordinatorPay Grade C22
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Economic Development ManagerPay Grade E25
Economic Development Manager, SeniorPay Grade E26
Education & Outreach SpecialistPay Grade C21
Education & Outreach SupervisorPay Grade C23
Education CoordinatorPay Grade C25
Education Support SpecialistPay Grade C19
Elections AdministratorPay Grade 150
Elections AidePay Grade C13
Elections Finance ManagerPay Grade 150
Elections Departmental SupervisorPay Grade C22
Elections Information Technology CoordinatorPay Grade 150
Elections Office ManagerPay Grade 150
Elections Technology AdministratorPay Grade 150
Electrical Inspector 1Pay Grade C20
Electrical Inspector 2Pay Grade C24
Electrical Inspector 3Pay Grade C26
Electrical/Mechanical Technician 1Pay Grade C19
Electrical/Mechanical Technician 2Pay Grade C22
Electrical/Mechanical Technician 3Pay Grade C26
Electrician 1Pay Grade C20
Electrician 2Pay Grade C21
Electronic Equipment Technician 1Pay Grade C21
Electronic Equipment Technician 2Pay Grade C23
Electronic Equipment Technician 3Pay Grade C26
Electronics Specialist 1Pay Grade C21
Electronics Specialist 2Pay Grade C24
Emergency Management Operations ManagerPay Grade E26
Emergency Management Coordinator 1Pay Grade C24
Emergency Management Coordinator 2Pay Grade C28
Emergency Management SpecialistPay Grade C21
Endpoint AnalystPay Grade E20
Endpoint Analyst Sr.Pay Grade E22
Endpoint SpecialistPay Grade E18
Engineer 1Pay Grade E23
Engineer 2Pay Grade E26
Engineer 3Pay Grade E28
Engineer in TrainingPay Grade E18
Engineering Section Manager-PEPay Grade E29
Engineering Specialist 1Pay Grade C25
Engineering Specialist 2Pay Grade C28
Engineering Specialist SupervisorPay Grade C31
Engineering Technician 1Pay Grade C17
Engineering Technician 2Pay Grade C21
Enterprise ArchitectPay Grade E28
EntomologistPay Grade C24
Entomology AssistantPay Grade C18
Entomology TechnicianPay Grade C19
Environmental ChemistPay Grade C26
Environmental Division ManagerPay Grade E28
Environmental Program Manager 1Pay Grade C28
Environmental Program Manager 2Pay Grade C30
Environmental Program Manager 3Pay Grade E25
Environmental Specialist 1Pay Grade C21
Environmental Specialist 2Pay Grade C24
Environmental Specialist 3Pay Grade C26
Equal Opportunity Coordinator 1Pay Grade C22
Equal Opportunity Coordinator 2Pay Grade C25
Equal Opportunity SpecialistPay Grade C20
Equal Opportunity TechnicianPay Grade C17
Equipment Operator, SeniorPay Grade C19
Executive AidePay Grade E17
Executive Assistant 1Pay Grade E12
Executive Assistant 2Pay Grade E15
Executive Assistant 3Pay Grade E19
Executive Assistant to the Property AppraiserPay Grade 150
Executive Director, Court & Operational Services DivisionPay Grade 150
Executive Director, Planning CouncilPay Grade E40
Exemptions AuditorPay Grade C22
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Facility Manager 1Pay Grade E18
Facility Manager 2Pay Grade E22
Facility Manager 3Pay Grade E25
Facility Manager Detention ComplexPay Grade E26
Facility Operations ManagerPay Grade C27
Field Inspector 1Pay Grade C20
Field Inspector 2Pay Grade C24
Field Inspector 3Pay Grade C28
Field Operations SupervisorPay Grade C24
Film CoordinatorPay Grade E25
Film SpecialistPay Grade E19
Finance Accountant 1Pay Grade 150
Finance Accountant 2Pay Grade 150
Finance & Accounting Analyst 1Pay Grade C28
Finance & Accounting Analyst 2Pay Grade C31
Finance Operations AnalystPay Grade C23
Finance Operations Assistant Supervisor CCCPay Grade C27
Finance Operations ClerkPay Grade C17
Finance Operations SpecialistPay Grade C21
Finance Operations Supervisor CCCPay Grade 150
Finance Operations TechnicianPay Grade C19
Fiscal Records SpecialistPay Grade C16
Fiscal Records Specialist, SeniorPay Grade C18
Fleet Acquisition SpecialistPay Grade C25
Fleet Fuel Systems SpecialistPay Grade C20
Fleet Generator Service SupervisorPay Grade C28
Fleet MechanicPay Grade C21
Fleet Mechanic 2Pay Grade C22
Fleet Mechanic SupervisorPay Grade C26
Fleet Parts ClerkPay Grade C16
Fleet Service CoordinatorPay Grade C20
Floodplain AdministratorPay Grade E25
Greturn to top
General Support WorkerPay Grade C55
Generator Field Service TechnicianPay Grade C23
GIS AnalystPay Grade C28
GIS Cadastralist 1Pay Grade C20
GIS Cadastralist 2Pay Grade C22
GIS Cadastralist 3Pay Grade C25
Grant Worker APay Grade C55
Grant Worker BPay Grade C55
Grant Worker CPay Grade 150
Grants Specialist, SeniorPay Grade E22
Graphics and Creative SpecialistPay Grade E19
Graphics Designer, SeniorPay Grade C22
Hreturn to top
Health Care AdministratorPay Grade E28
Helicopter PilotPay Grade C24
Historical Museum Operations ManagerPay Grade E23
Horticulture Extension AgentPay Grade E20
Horticulture Field InspectorPay Grade C20
Horticulture SpecialistPay Grade C21
Human Resources AnalystPay Grade C26
Human Resources Assistant DirectorPay Grade E31
Human Resources Communications CoordinatorPay Grade C26
Human Resources ConsultantPay Grade E22
Human Resources Consultant, Sr.Pay Grade E23
Human Resources OfficerPay Grade E26
Human Resources SpecialistPay Grade C22
Human Resources TechnicianPay Grade C20
Human Rights Compliance ManagerPay Grade E27
Human Services Case Manager 1Pay Grade C20
Human Services Case Manager 2Pay Grade C23
Human Services Eligibility SpecialistPay Grade C17
Human Services Program AdministratorPay Grade E27
Human Services Program AnalystPay Grade C25
Human Services Program ManagerPay Grade C28
HVAC MechanicPay Grade C20
HVAC Systems TechnicianPay Grade C21
Hydrogeology ManagerPay Grade E27
Ireturn to top
Information Technology Analyst 1Pay Grade E19
Information Technology Analyst 2Pay Grade E22
Information Technology Analyst, CVPay Grade 150
Information Technology SpecialistPay Grade E18
Inspector General 1Pay Grade 150
Inspector General 2Pay Grade 150
Inspector General, SeniorPay Grade 150
Inspector General/Chief Audit ExecutivePay Grade 150
Insurance AnalystPay Grade C24
Insurance ManagerPay Grade E26
Insurance TechnicianPay Grade C21
Interagency Water ManagerPay Grade E29
Inventory ManagerPay Grade C28
J-Kreturn to top
Jury CoordinatorPay Grade C18
Justice Programs AnalystPay Grade C26
Lreturn to top
Laboratory Information Management System DBAPay Grade C28
Laboratory ManagerPay Grade E26
Laboratory TechnicianPay Grade C19
Landside Operations AgentPay Grade C17
Law Enforcement TelecommunicatorPay Grade C16
Legal Administrative AssistantPay Grade E19
Legal SecretaryPay Grade C20
LifeguardPay Grade C13
Lifeguard, SeniorPay Grade C14
Mreturn to top
Mail ClerkPay Grade C13
Mail Courier 1Pay Grade C13
Mail Courier 2Pay Grade C14
Mail Services SupervisorPay Grade C22
Maintenance 1Pay Grade C13
Maintenance 2Pay Grade C14
Maintenance Crew LeaderPay Grade C15
Maintenance Section ManagerPay Grade E27
Maintenance SupervisorPay Grade C28
Management & Budget ManagerPay Grade E28
Management AnalystPay Grade E19
Management Analyst, CVPay Grade 150
Management Analyst, Sr.Pay Grade E22
Management Information CoordinatorPay Grade 150
Management InternPay Grade C55
Manager, Airport PropertiesPay Grade E25
Manager, Air Service Development & MarketingPay Grade E25
Manager, Board RecordsPay Grade 150
Manager, Budget and Analytic ServicesPay Grade E27
Manager, Building Design & Construction DivisionPay Grade E28
Manager, CAMA Data QualityPay Grade 150
Manager, CCCPay Grade 150
Manager, CCC Information TechnologyPay Grade 150
Manager, Clerks AccountingPay Grade 150
Manager, Construction Licensing BoardPay Grade E23
Manager, Facility Operations DivisionPay Grade E29
Manager, Finance DivisionPay Grade 150
Manager, Financial AccountingPay Grade 150
Manager, Financial SystemsPay Grade 150
Manager, Information TechnologyPay Grade E29
Manager of Purchasing OperationsPay Grade E30
Manager of Purchasing SupportPay Grade E26
Manager, Real Property DivisionPay Grade E27
Manager, SCADA & Systems SecurityPay Grade E25
Manager, STAR CenterPay Grade E28
Manager, Tax CollectorPay Grade TCE-23
Managing Assistant County AttorneyPay Grade E38
Marine Construction InspectorPay Grade C24
Marine Safety CoordinatorPay Grade C25
Marketing ManagerPay Grade E25
Market Intelligence SpecialistPay Grade E19
Master Control Specialist 1Pay Grade C22
Master Control Specialist 2Pay Grade C24
Mechanical Inspector 1Pay Grade C20
Mechanical Inspector 2Pay Grade C24
Mechanical Inspector 3Pay Grade C26
Medical Billing Specialist 1Pay Grade C16
Medical Billing Specialist 2Pay Grade C18
Medical Billing SupervisorPay Grade C22
Meter Reader 1Pay Grade C15
Meter Reader 2Pay Grade C18
Meter Reader 3Pay Grade C22
Mosquito Control Technician 1Pay Grade C15
Mosquito Control Technician 2Pay Grade C17
Mosquito Control Technician, LeadPay Grade C18
Museum SpecialistPay Grade C20
Nreturn to top
Network Technician, SeniorPay Grade C26
Network Technician SupervisorPay Grade C29
Network /Telecommunications AdministratorPay Grade E20
Network /Telecommunications AnalystPay Grade E22
Network /Telecommunications EngineerPay Grade E24
Network /Telecommunications Field TechnicianPay Grade E18
NPDES CoordinatorPay Grade E19
Oreturn to top
Office AssistantPay Grade C10
Office Specialist 1Pay Grade C13
Office Specialist 2Pay Grade C15
Operations Center Specialist 1Pay Grade E17
Operations Center Specialist 2Pay Grade E18
Operations Maintenance MechanicPay Grade C20
Operations ManagerPay Grade C31
Operations Manager AssistantPay Grade C27
Operations SupervisorPay Grade C22
Preturn to top
PAO Appraiser 1Pay Grade C23
PAO Appraiser 2Pay Grade C24
PAO Appraiser 3Pay Grade C26
PAO Appraiser 4Pay Grade C27
PAO Database AdministratorPay Grade 150
PAO Director Information SystemsPay Grade 150
PAO Exemptions SpecialistPay Grade C20
PAO Exemptions TechnicianPay Grade C19
PAO Staff CounselPay Grade 150
PAO Tax Roll Compliance ManagerPay Grade 150
PAO Training CoordinatorPay Grade 150
PAO Valuation Analysis & Standards AppraiserPay Grade 150
ParalegalPay Grade C25
Parking Enforcement TechnicianPay Grade C15
Park/Preserve Maintenance WorkerPay Grade C13
Park Ranger 1Pay Grade C16
Park Ranger 2Pay Grade C18
Park Ranger 3Pay Grade C20
Park SupervisorPay Grade C26
Parks & Conservation Resources Operations ManagerPay Grade E29
Parks Program CoordinatorPay Grade C25
PlannerPay Grade C23
Planning AnalystPay Grade C21
Planning Division ManagerPay Grade E30
Planning Program SpecialistPay Grade C24
Planning Section ManagerPay Grade E26
Planning TechnicianPay Grade C18
Plans Examiner 1Pay Grade C24
Plans Examiner 2Pay Grade C26
Plans Examiner 3Pay Grade C30
Plant Safety CoordinatorPay Grade C19
Plumbing Inspector 1Pay Grade C20
Plumbing Inspector 2Pay Grade C24
Plumbing Inspector 3Pay Grade C26
Policy & Workforce Strategic Planning CoordinatorPay Grade E18
Preserve SupervisorPay Grade C26
Principal PlannerPay Grade C31
Printing Equipment Operator 1Pay Grade C15
Printing Equipment Operator 2Pay Grade C17
Printshop Production SupervisorPay Grade C22
Probate Audit SpecialistPay Grade C17
Probate Audit Specialist, SeniorPay Grade C18
Procurement Analyst AssistantPay Grade C21
Procurement Analyst CoordinatorPay Grade C25
Procurement Analyst, LeadPay Grade C27
Procure to Pay SpecialistPay Grade C21
Professional Land Surveyor SupervisorPay Grade E24
Professional Surveyor and MapperPay Grade E24
Program CoordinatorPay Grade E24
Program Coordinator, BTS-OTIPay Grade E24
Program Manager, BTS-OTIPay Grade E26
Program PlannerPay Grade C27
Programmer/Analyst 1Pay Grade C26
Programmer/Analyst 2Pay Grade C28
Programmer/Analyst 3Pay Grade C32
Project Coordinator – AdministrativePay Grade E22
Project Coordinator – Project ManagementPay Grade E23
Project Coordinator – Project Management, CVPay Grade 150
Project Coordinator – TechnicalPay Grade E23
Project Management Specialist 1Pay Grade C25
Project Management Specialist 2Pay Grade C28
Property & Stores ClerkPay Grade C13
Property & Stores Clerk, SeniorPay Grade C17
Property Records AssistantPay Grade C15
Property Records SpecialistPay Grade C20
Property Records SupervisorPay Grade C23
Property Records TechnicianPay Grade C18
Public Information SpecialistPay Grade C24
Public Relations and Media ManagerPay Grade E25
Public Works Operations Field Coordinator, SeniorPay Grade C23
Purchasing Support SpecialistPay Grade C19
Purchasing Systems CoordinatorPay Grade C24
Qreturn to top
Quality Assurance AnalystPay Grade E20
Quality Assurance Analyst, Sr.Pay Grade E22
Quality Assurance AssociatePay Grade E18
Rreturn to top
Real Property Specialist 1Pay Grade C21
Real Property Specialist 2Pay Grade C26
Real Property Specialist 3Pay Grade C27
Real Property TechnicianPay Grade C17
Records Management AnalystPay Grade C20
Records Management TechnicianPay Grade C15
Records Specialist 1Pay Grade C13
Records Specialist 2Pay Grade C14
Records Specialist 3Pay Grade C16
Records Specialist, SeniorPay Grade C18
Records Specialist SupervisorPay Grade C22
Regulatory Compliance ManagerPay Grade E28
Report WriterPay Grade E22
Resident Park ManagerPay Grade E21
Revenue Management Supervisor 1Pay Grade C26
Revenue Management Supervisor 2Pay Grade C28
Risk Management ManagerPay Grade E26
Risk Management Safety ManagerPay Grade E26
Risk Management SpecialistPay Grade C20
Sreturn to top
Safety SpecialistPay Grade C24
Safety Specialist LeadPay Grade C26
SCADA Support CoordinatorPay Grade C25
Scalehouse Services Specialist 1Pay Grade C16
Scalehouse Services Specialist 2Pay Grade C18
Section Manager 1, HSPay Grade E26
Section Manager 2, HSPay Grade E27
Section Manager 3, HSPay Grade E28
Section Manager 1Pay Grade E26
Section Manager 2Pay Grade E29
Section Manager 3Pay Grade E31
Security AnalystPay Grade E22
Security Analyst, Sr.Pay Grade E24
Security EngineerPay Grade E26
Senior Assistant County AttorneyPay Grade E35
Senior Business AnalystPay Grade 150
Senior CVB Sales RepresentativePay Grade E20
Senior Department Administrative ManagerPay Grade E25
Senior Developer GISPay Grade C30
Senior Manager, CCCPay Grade 150
Senior Manager, Finance DivisionPay Grade 150
Senior Manager, Information TechnologyPay Grade E31
Senior Manager, Tax CollectorPay Grade TCE-26
Senior Registered ArchitectPay Grade E26
Senior Project ManagerPay Grade E25
Social Media SpecialistPay Grade E18
Solid Waste Program AssistantPay Grade C19
Solid Waste Program CoordinatorPay Grade C25
Solid Waste Program ManagerPay Grade C28
Solid Waste Program SupervisorPay Grade C26
Solid Waste Safety CoordinatorPay Grade C19
Solid Waste Safety OfficerPay Grade C21
Solid Waste SpecialistPay Grade C22
Solid Waste TechnicianPay Grade C21
Solutions ArchitectPay Grade E27
Special Assistant to County AdministratorPay Grade E31
Special Projects Assistant APay Grade C55
Special Projects Assistant BPay Grade C55
Special Projects Assistant CPay Grade 150
Spray Technician 1Pay Grade C15
Spray Technician 2Pay Grade C17
Spray Technician LeadPay Grade C18
Stakeholder Engagement CoordinatorPay Grade C22
Strategic Performance Management AnalystPay Grade E22
Survey and Mapping AssistantPay Grade C14
Survey and Mapping Research Technician 1Pay Grade C20
Survey and Mapping Research Technician 2Pay Grade C22
Survey and Mapping Support SpecialistPay Grade C27
Survey and Mapping Technician 1Pay Grade C17
Survey and Mapping Technician 2Pay Grade C20
Survey and Mapping Technician 3Pay Grade C24
System AdministratorPay Grade E20
System AnalystPay Grade E22
System EngineerPay Grade E24
Systems Support AnalystPay Grade C25
Treturn to top
Tax Collector Accounting ManagerPay Grade TCE-25
Tax Collector Administrative AssistantPay Grade C19
Tax Collector Assistant Branch ManagerPay Grade TCE-23
Tax Collector Audit Compliance SpecialistPay Grade C20
Tax Collector Branch ManagerPay Grade TCE-25
Tax Collector Executive AssistantPay Grade TCE-17
Tax Collector HR GeneralistPay Grade TCE-18
Tax Collector Organization Management AnalystPay Grade TCE-21
Tax Collector Projects CoordinatorPay Grade TCE-18
Tax Collector SupervisorPay Grade C26
Tax Collector Tourist Development Tax AuditorPay Grade C23
Tax Collector Training SpecialistPay Grade C24
Tax Collector Warehouse CoordinatorPay Grade C19
Tax Technician 1Pay Grade C17
Tax Technician 2Pay Grade C19
Tax Technician 3Pay Grade C21
Technical DirectorPay Grade C26
Technical Services Section ManagerPay Grade E28
Technology Program CoordinatorPay Grade E26
Technology Systems CoordinatorPay Grade C24
Tire TechnicianPay Grade C17
Trades/Field Services SupervisorPay Grade C23
Trades/Field Services WorkerPay Grade C13
Traffic Control MonitorPay Grade C16
Traffic Field SupervisorPay Grade C28
Traffic Signal Technician 1Pay Grade C22
Traffic Signal Technician 2Pay Grade C24
Traffic Signal Technician 3Pay Grade C26
Traffic Technician 1Pay Grade C15
Traffic Technician 2Pay Grade C21
Traffic Technician 3Pay Grade C22
Trainee Under-Fill APay Grade C55
Trainee Under-Fill BPay Grade C55
Trainee Under-Fill CPay Grade 150
Training CoordinatorPay Grade C23
Transportation Systems Technician 1Pay Grade C22
Transportation Systems Technician 2Pay Grade C26
Transportation Systems Technician 3Pay Grade C28
Ureturn to top
Utilities Maintenance Specialist 1Pay Grade C14
Utilities Maintenance Specialist 2Pay Grade C17
Utilities Maintenance Specialist 3Pay Grade C19
Utilities Maintenance Specialist 4Pay Grade C22
Utilities Maintenance WorkerPay Grade C13
Utilities Public Relations CoordinatorPay Grade E16
Utilities Technical Services ManagerPay Grade E26
Utilities Warehouse SupervisorPay Grade C19
Utility Billing CoordinatorPay Grade C23
Vreturn to top
Valuation Analysis & Litigation Support AppraiserPay Grade 150
Veterans Services DirectorPay Grade E22
Veterans Services Officer 1Pay Grade C19
Veterans Services Officer 2Pay Grade C25
Veterinarian 1Pay Grade E25
Veterinarian 2Pay Grade E29
Video SpecialistPay Grade C23
Voter Outreach ManagerPay Grade 150
W-Zreturn to top
Warehouse SupervisorPay Grade C19
Wastewater Plant Maintenance SupervisorPay Grade C29
Wastewater Treatment ManagerPay Grade E26
Water Conservation Compliance OfficerPay Grade C17
Water Conservation CoordinatorPay Grade C27
Water Quality Management Specialist 1Pay Grade C21
Water Quality Management Specialist 2Pay Grade C24
Water Quality Management Specialist 3Pay Grade C26
Water Quality Monitoring ManagerPay Grade E26
Water Supply ManagerPay Grade E26
Water Quality Technician 1Pay Grade C18
Water Quality Technician 2Pay Grade C21
Water Research Project ManagerPay Grade E23
Water/Wastewater Facilities Maintenance SupervisorPay Grade C28
Water/Wastewater Plant Operator 1Pay Grade C21
Water/Wastewater Plant Operator 2Pay Grade C23
Water/Wastewater Plant Operator 3Pay Grade C27
Water/Wastewater Plant Operator, ChiefPay Grade C30
Water/Wastewater Plant Operator TraineePay Grade C16
Welder FabricatorPay Grade C18
Workforce Relations DirectorPay Grade E35
Work Planning CoordinatorPay Grade C19
Zoning ManagerPay Grade E27