New Employees


Welcome to Pinellas County Government. You are joining a community of diverse, talented and passionate people. We do interesting work, and we are confident that your skills, enthusiasm and fresh ideas will be invaluable to furthering our mission. We are thrilled that you have joined us, and we hope to have a long and successful journey together.

Please review the information below. For questions, contact Human Resources at (727) 464-3367, option 2, or email

New Employee Orientation Schedule

You will be scheduled to attend the next orientation after your start date. Human Resources will notify you and the hiring manager by email.

Upcoming virtual orientation classes:
December 4 | December 18 | January 2 | January 16 | January 29
8:15 a.m. to 12:00 noon (Zoom overview from 8:15 to 8:30)

Action Items

Opus logo

OPUS is the County’s platform for financial and human resources operations. When you begin work, your department will provide your OPUS username, password and login instructions.

Immediately complete item 1 and 2 below to ensure that you get paid and are enrolled for benefits.

  1. Payroll Steps: Enter your direct deposit payroll information and emergency contacts, and complete the W-4 tax form. Your first paycheck will be mailed to you. It can take several pay cycles for your biweekly paychecks to be direct deposited to your bank account.
  2. Benefits Enrollment: Select benefits for yourself and your family. Your benefits are effective the first day of the month after 30 days of service. For example, if you were hired on Feb. 16, then your benefits would be effective April 1).
  3. Disaster Assignment and Preparedness Assessment (DAPA) (internal for employees): Complete the assessment in OPUS within 30 days of your start date.
  4. FRS Retirement Plan Selection: You are automatically enrolled in the FRS Investment Plan. You have eight months to change to the pension plan if desired. If you are a rehire or a returning retiree, this might not apply. Please review your eligibility and contact Employee Benefits for more information.

Policies and Procedures

Reviewed and sign the following prior to your start date:

View additional Personnel Rules, Policies, Procedures and Guidelines.

Additional Information

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