Garbage and Recycling for Business

Pinellas County offers multiple options to assist businesses with waste reduction, reuse, recycling and disposal.

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Solid Waste and Animal Services Partnership: Pet Supply Donation Drive

In July, the departments of Solid Waste (DSW) and Animal Services teamed up for a pet supply donation drive! The donated supplies......


Account, Vehicle, Trailer, and Container Information Placement Guide

Policy covering the display of an identification emblem on refuse vehicles which routinely use the Pinellas County Solid Waste Disposal system....


Solid Waste Disposal Accounts

If you are a new account customer, this FAQ contains important information to help you finish setting up your account, such as:......


2021-22 Waste Composition Study

Pinellas County Department of Solid Waste 2021-22 Waste Composition Study...


Business Waste Reduction & Recycling FAQ

Details on how Pinellas County businesses can reduce their waste and utilize recycling collection services....


Waste Reduction Initiatives

Working Toward a Zero-Waste Future Pinellas County is dedicated to providing first-class solid waste management service to its residents, businesses and visitors,......


2020 County Recyclable Materials Composition Study

View and download the 2020 County Recyclable Materials Composition Study here. ...