Business Electronics and Chemical Collection Events

Businesses can dispose of unwanted chemicals and electronics at Pinellas County’s Business Electronics and Chemical Collection events at the County’s contractor-negotiated rates, which are shown below.

Businesses must qualify as a Very Small Quantity Generator (VSQG) of hazardous waste to use the events. A VSQG generates less than 220 pounds of hazardous waste and 2.2 pounds of acute hazardous waste in a calendar month, and accumulates no more than 2,200 pounds of hazardous waste or 2.2 pounds of acute hazardous waste at any one time. For more information, visit the Small Quantity Generator Program webpage.

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2023 Event Schedule

Business Collection Events occur the second Wednesday of every month from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Jan. 11 Apr. 12 July 12 Oct. 11 2857 110th Avenue N. St. Petersburg, FL 33716
Feb. 8 May 10 Aug. 9 Nov. 8
Mar. 8 June 14 Sept. 13 Dec. 13
2857 110th Avenue N., St. Petersburg

Accepted Chemicals & Rates

Item NamePer Pound Pricing
Batteries – Lead-Acid (including sealed lead-acid batteries)$1.28
Batteries – Lithium$7.62
Batteries – Damaged Lithium$9.79
Batteries – Lithium-ion$1.78
Batteries – Mixed$7.05
Batteries – Rechargeable $1.65
Bulked Antifreeze$1.06
Bulked Gasoline$1.19
Bulked Oil/Diesel$1.06
Chlorinated/Halogenated Wastes$1.23
Cyanide/Sulfide Wastes$9.79
Flammables – Liquid $1.30
Flammables – Solid$1.96
High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lamps$2.25
Mercury for Recycling$58.81
Mercury Poisons$27.51
Mercury-Containing Devices$58.81
Mercury-Containing Lamps$1.32
Paint – Lead-Based$1.59
PCB-Contaminated and PCB-Containing Materials$1.90
Smoke Detectors$5.61
UV & Neon Lamps$2.25

All pricing subject to change. Call our contractor US Ecology at (813) 319-3400 ahead of time to negotiate pricing, arrange for larger quantities or unknown wastes and to determine packing restrictions.

Accepted Electronics & Rates

Item NamePer Pound Pricing
CRT TVs & Monitors$0.22
Flat Screen TVs & Monitors$0.10
CPUs, Laptops & Tablets$0.15 credit
Small Peripherals (ex., keyboards, external drives, etc.)$0.10
Small Electronics (ex., power tools, coffee machines, etc.)$0.10


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