Disposal Fee Information: Solid Waste Disposal Complex

Visit Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for PPE required at the Solid Waste Disposal Complex.

Disposal Fee: $47.75 per ton

Requires deposit of 35% of total loaded vehicle weight. Credit/debit card deposits may be held for 3 -5 business days based on policy of issuing bank.

Flat Fees

Flat fees are not available if modifications have been made to the vehicle (including sidewalls).

  • Pickup trucks & vans: $11 per load
  • Cars: $4 per load
  • Christmas trees: $3 per load for up to 5 Christmas trees

Please note that customers must wear closed-toed shoes when bringing Christmas trees to the Solid Waste Disposal Complex.

Tire Fees

Tires up to 36″ are accepted whole. Tires over 36″ must be cut into quarters. Up to 4 tires can be attached to the rim; all others must have rim removed. Loads with 26 or more tires require FDEP Waste Tire Collector registration.

  • Up to 4 tires charged at the disposal or flat fees listed above.
  • 5 or more tires included in any load weigh in and out at: $125 per ton

Special Fees (in addition to Disposal Fee)

  • Special Handling Service Fee: $110 per load
  • Contractor Surcharge: $100 per load
  • Out-of-County Waste Surcharge: $47.75 per ton

Accepted Payment Methods

  • Tap to pay is available for:
    • Samsung, Google, and Apple Pay
    • Credit/debit cards: American Express, Mastercard, and Visa

Special Handling Service

Wastes, such as asbestos, sludge, deceased animals, soil, treated lumber, boats (includes jet skis), and industrial process waste, require an appointment. Call (727) 464-7500.

Prohibited Items

The following materials are prohibited and will be rejected:

  • Vehicles, including campers and mobile homes
  • Biological and infectious waste
  • Explosives
  • Gasoline or fuel oil (accepted at the HHW Center from residents)
  • Hazardous waste (accepted at the HHW Center from residents)
  • Liquid waste
  • Radioactive waste

For information on where to dispose of these items, use the Where Does It Go? Search Tool.

Set Up A Solid Waste Disposal Account

The Department Solid Waste offers two options: a point of sale account or a charge account.

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