Where Does it Go? Search Tool

The Where Does It Go? Search Tool offers guidance and local resources for reuse, recycling, and disposal. It is a searchable database that connects you to the right donation centers, recycling facilities, online takeback programs, and more. To be directed to the proper information, first select “For Homes” or “For Businesses”.

Use the Where Does It Go? Search Tool for information about how to get rid of electronics, a TV, a mattress, furniture, batteries, appliances, yard waste and more!

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If you don’t see the item, “suggest it as a new item.” We will research your suggestion and may add it to the Search Tool. While many materials do not belong in your mixed recycling container, the material can still be recycled.

Pinellas County does not endorse any companies appearing in this search tool. The absence of a particular company does not imply prejudice or impropriety. This list does not certify or imply that the companies are in compliance with all federal, state and local environmental regulations. Pinellas County recommends contacting a number of companies for the best service and price.

If you would like your company to be listed in this search tool, email bwa@pinellas.gov.

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