Tuition Reimbursement Program – Enrollment

Pinellas County employees may be eligible to have education costs covered. Tuition reimbursement is a two-part process:

  1. You must complete enrollment before the course begins and once eligibility is verified (see below).
  2. Reimbursement happens after the course ends and reimbursement is verified (see Tuition Reimbursement).

Step One: Enrollment

The tuition enrollment packet is two pages, including a checklist and a form.

  1. Review the enrollment checklist and sample enrollment form.
  2. Complete the enrollment form. Remember:
    • Your department/division head’s signature is required.
    • The course description must be attached.
  3. Submit the form and course description at least 10 business days before the course start date. There are two ways to submit the form:
    • By email to
    • By interoffice mail to Human Resources, Organizational and Talent Development, Annex 4th Floor
  4. Submit a separate enrollment form for each course.

Human Resources Approval

Within five business days of submitting your tuition enrollment form, you will receive an email from Human Resources. The email notifies you of approval or disapproval of your request based on eligibility and funding.

Save the email attachments, which include the tuition reimbursement form and approval memo. You will need these documents later to request reimbursement.

Take the Course

  • If your request is approved, enroll in the course.
  • Save all receipts for expenses and eligible supplies.
  • Apply for reimbursement after successfully completing the course.