Tuition Reimbursement Program – Reimbursement

Pinellas County employees may be eligible to have education costs covered. Tuition reimbursement is a two-part process:

  1. You must complete enrollment before the course begins and once eligibility is verified (see Tuition Enrollment).
  2. Reimbursement occurs after the course ends and reimbursement is verified (see below).

Step Two: Tuition Reimbursement

The tuition reimbursement packet is two pages, including a checklist and a form. The packet is not posted on the website.

  1. You will receive the tuition reimbursement form, checklist and HR approval memo by email after you are approved for program enrollment. Save the forms.
  2. Complete the tuition reimbursement form after you take the course.
  3. Gather these documents:
    • Signed tuition reimbursement form (if you have misplaced the form, contact us by email or call 727-464-3367)
    • Receipts for tuition costs, registration, fees and books
    • Grade report or certification of completion
    • HR approval memo
  4. Scan the documents if you have access to a printer with scanning capability, or take pictures with your mobile device.
  5. Submit the documents (see below).

Submitting the Documents

There are two ways to submit the required documents and receive reimbursement:

Option One: OPUS iExpense

This applies to all who have access to OPUS iExpense, which includes BCC/County Administrator, Business Technology Services, Clerk of the Circuit Court, County Attorney, Human Resources and Human Rights employees.

  1. Log into OPUS.
  2. Select PIN iExpense, Create Expense Report, Tuition Reimbursement Expense Template.
  3. Complete the report as prompted.
  4. Upload the documents as attachments and submit in OPUS.

Option Two: No OPUS iExpense

This applies to all who do not have access to OPUS iExpense, which includes Forward Pinellas, Property Appraiser, Supervisor of Elections and Tax Collector employees. You can either:

  • Email all the required documents to or
  • Send by interoffice mail to Human Resources Organizational and Talent Development, Annex 4th Floor.

Required Documentation

In addition to the tuition reimbursement form and HR approval memo that you receive by email upon enrollment, remember to hold on to these items as you are taking the course:

  • Receipts for all tuition costs, registration, fees and books
  • Official grade report or dated certificate of completion
    • Undergraduate: Passing grade of “C” or better is required
    • Graduate: Passing grade of “B” or better is required
    • Ungraded Course: Certificate of completion is required