Health Care Benefits for Veterans


We can help you receive health care from a VA health-care facility. Services provided at the facility include:

  • Hospital, Outpatient, Medical, Dental, Pharmacy and Prosthetic Services.
  • Domiciliary, Nursing Home and Community-Based Residential Care.
  • Sexual Trauma Counseling.
  • Special Health Care for Female Veterans.
  • Health and Rehabilitation Programs for Homeless Veterans.
  • Readjustment Counseling.
  • Alcohol and Drug Dependency Treatment.
  • Medical Treatment for Exposure to Agent Orange, Radiation or Environmental Hazards.
  • Outreach Programs for Homebound Veterans or Veterans in Nursing Homes or Hospitals.

For detailed information, please visit Health Care Benefits and Services, which covers:

  • Eligibility.
  • Locating a VA Medical Center.
  • My HealthVet at
  • Online Prescription Refills.

We will be glad to help you understand these benefits and apply for programs and services.