Retiree: Deferred Compensation Plan

For Pinellas County retirees, funds in your 457 Deferred Compensation Plan account are fully accessible as distributions. Funds may be kept where they are or transferred to your choice of financial planners, including into the Florida Retirement System Investment Plan.

Senior man with piggy bank

Individualized investment strategies are available from the deferred comp representatives. You should contact the deferred compensation provider directly for questions and required forms.

Deferred Compensation Contacts

Provider Name & Website Representative Name & Email Phone Fax Appointment
Corebridge Financial
(previously VALIC)
Kyle Blair

David R. Diaz
(813) 727-1918

(813) 599-8137

Customer Service
(813) 269-3362
Kyle fax
(813) 269-3380

David fax
(813) 414-5384
Contact Kyle or David
Empower Retirement
(previously MassMutual)
Christina Constantine Christine
(727) 282-7048

Customer Service
(800) 528-9009
Christine fax
(877) 526-2531
Schedule an appointment
MissionSquare Retirement
(Previously ICMA-RC)
Sharyn Hyla Sharyn
(202) 759-7219

Customer Service
(800) 669-7400
Sharyn fax
(877) 725-3469
Schedule an appointment (second Wednesday)
Nationwide Denny Davis Denny
(813) 973-8382

Customer Service
(877) 677-3678
Denny fax
(877) 677-4329
Schedule an appointment