Retiree Benefit Plans

Retiree benefits plans including medical, life, vision, dental and prescription coverage are available to eligible retirees who participate in the Florida Retirement System (FRS) Pension Plan or Investment Plan.

How To Enroll

Those planning to retire should schedule an appointment with Employee Benefits approximately 1 to 3 months prior to your effective date of retirement. The deadline to submit enrollment forms to Employee Benefits is 31 days after your last day of active employment. This is your only opportunity to enroll in these benefit plans.

If you enroll in retiree benefits, then your active employee benefits will end on the last day of the month in which you separate employment. Retiree benefits will commence on the first day of the following month. If you do not enroll, then your Pinellas County coverage ends on the last day of the pay period in which your employment separation occurs.

More Information

Learn more about eligibility, enrollment and coverages.

Retiree Benefits: What Happens When I Retire?

Plans List

  • Behavioral/Mental Health (Cigna or Aetna): Pinellas County provides confidential assistance with life’s pressures. Retirees may access assistance through one of two programs depending on Medicare eligibility.
  • Deferred Compensation (multiple vendors): When you retire, the funds in your 457 Deferred Compensation Plan account are fully accessible as distributions. Funds may be kept where they are or transferred to your choice of financial planners, including into the FRS Investment Plan.
  • Dental (Cigna) – Pinellas County retirees can choose from three Cigna dental plans: HMO, Basic PPO and PPO with Orthodontia. Retirees need to enroll within 31 days of leaving active employment.
  • Medical (Cigna or Aetna): Pinellas County provides medical coverage to its retirees through Cigna for non-Medicare retirees and Aetna for Medicare-eligible retirees. Retirees must enroll within 31 days of leaving active employment. When at least one covered family member becomes Medicare-eligible, the Medicare-eligible member may enroll in the Medicare Advantage Preferred Provider Organization plan (MAPPO).
  • Life Insurance (Securian Financial): Retiring employees may purchase Basic Group Term Life Insurance from Securian Financial. Those who have supplemental or dependent life insurance when they retire will have the option to continue the coverage.
  • Prescription (Express Scripts): Pinellas County provides prescription coverage to non-Medicare-eligible retirees through Express Scripts and its specialty pharmacy, Accredo. The cost is included in the health insurance deduction. For Medicare-eligible retirees, coverage is provided as part of the Medicare Advantage PPO plan.
  • Vision (EyeMed): Pinellas County provides vision coverage to retirees through EyeMed. The cost is included in the health insurance deduction.