Every square foot of land in Pinellas County drains into an open body of water. Our watershed efforts aim to limit the fertilizers, trash and more that wash into our waterways.

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Libre de Fertilizante

Una zona libre de fertilizante es un área en el que no puede utilizar fertilizante en ningún momento del año. Estas zonas......


Fertilizer-Free Zone

A fertilizer-free zone is an area where you may not fertilize at any time of the year. These designated zones are near......


Joe’s Creek Restoration and Greenway Trail

Project Overview Pinellas County envisions Joe’s Creek corridor as a significant opportunity to enhance the character of the surrounding neighborhoods by: Providing......


Living Shorelines Program

Protect Your Property & Help the Environment Living shorelines use natural elements such as oyster reefs, marsh grasses and mangroves to protect......


Mantenimiento de Paisaje Las Mejores Prácticas

Spanish brochure about the best practices to maintain your landscaping....


Landscape Maintenance Best Management Practices

Brochure about the best practices to maintain your landscaping....


La Cuenca: En la que Vivimos-Trabajamos-Jugamous

Spanish version of the Watershed: where we live-work-play brochure....


Lake Seminole Fact Sheet

A fact sheet covering the history, conditions and restoration efforts of Lake Seminole....


Lake Seminole History and Restoration Efforts

Publication detailing the characteristics, history and restoration efforts of Lake Seminole in Pinellas County....


UF/IFAS Extension Pinellas launches Adopt-A-Drain pilot program

UF/IFAS Extension Pinellas County, in collaboration with Pinellas County Environmental Management, has launched an Adopt-A-Drain pilot program. With summer around the corner,......