Promotions listed are for October 2023.

Board of County Commissioners

Administrative Services

Frank Terry, Facility Manager Detention


Dan Wood III, Airport Operations Supervisor

Building & Development Review Services

Logan Dennis, Building Services Specialist, Lead        
Alexander Fugate, Development Project Manager 1        
Robert Heiss, Development Review Services Specialist        
Mark Roberts, Plans Examiner 2        
Michael Schoderbock, Division Manager

Convention & Visitors Bureau

Brian Lowack, Director

Economic Development

Jenee Skipper, Economic Development Manager 

Office of Management & Budget

Andrew Brown, Budget & Financial Management Analyst 3        
Jillian Prieto, Finance & Accounting Analyst 2

Parks & Conservation Resources

James Bartucci, Craftworker 1        
Robyn Humphries, Project Coordinator-Administrative        
James Monroe, Operations Supervisor

Public Works

Perry Medland, Engineering Specialist 1        
Antonio Rutledge, Crew Chief 2

Safety & Emergency Services

Kevan Brenay, Public Safety Telecommunicator, Lead        
Emilio Chavez, Public Safety Telecommunicator, Lead                
Jennifer Greer, Ambulance Billing Analyst 


Emily Magyar, Budget & Financial Management Analyst 2

Clerk of the Circuit Court

Richard Bogue-Varea, Departmental Training Specialist        
Stephanie Gibbons, Records Specialist Supervisor        
Elvia Goodwin, Court Clerk 1

Human Resources

Ashley Wesley-Loyd, Human Resources Technician

Property Appraiser’s Office

Rachel Castleman, PAO Tax Roll Compliance Manager

Tax Collector’s Office

Natasha Francis, Senior Manager, Tax Collector