Welcome Aboard

New employees listed are for October 2023.

Board of County Commissioners​​​​​​​

Administrative Services

Aston Bryan, HVAC Mechanic
Michael Cruz, Fleet Mechanic 2
Jacob Griswold, Electronics Specialist 1
William Sunn, Electrician 1
Destiny Wade, Craftworker 1

Building & Development Review Services

Peter Fritsche, Building Inspector 1
Kenneth Salazar, Plumbing Inspector 1


John Carkeet, Project Coordinator-Project Management

Convention & Visitors Bureau

Kylie Diaz, Director 1

Emergency Management

Cody Crenshaw, Trainee Under-Fill A

Human Services

Jacob Freije, Office Specialist 1
Sheldon Williams, Administrative Support Specialist 1

Parks & Conservation Resources

Stella Vedsegaard Ross, Office Specialist 1
Michael Vrabel, Park Ranger 1

Public Works

Carlos Bailey, Management Intern
Cory Garakop, Field Inspector 1
Travis Gennell, Engineer in Training
Willie Green, Maintenance 1
Travis Hendrix, Maintenance 1
Michael Jones, Crew Chief 2
William Kiefel, Management Intern
Gregg Kunz, Field Inspector 1
Shane Miller, Management Intern
Michael Ross, Management Intern
Anthony Sanders, Management Intern

Safety & Emergency Services

Veronica Josef, Administrative Support Specialist 1

Solid Waste

Heather Mykes, Solid Waste Program Assistant


Herschel Batten, Trainee Under-Fill A
Noah Jackson, Meter Reader 1
Thomas Murray, Meter Reader 1
Massimo Patano, Chemist 1
Louis Person, Trainee Under-Fill A
Alejandra Shacklette, Water Quality Management Specialist 1
Shenee Thomas, Customer Services Specialist

Business Technology Services

George Walsh, Management Intern
Christopher Webb, Network/Telecommunications Administrator

Clerk of the Circuit Court

Christopher Nugent, Fiscal Records Specialist
Keyri Rivas Romero, Fiscal Records Specialist
Susan Spallone, Records Specialist 1

Human Resources

Leslie Fann, Special Projects Assistant C

Property Appraiser’s Office

Elizabeth Colman, PAO Appraiser 1
Erving Quinones-Cintron, GIS Cadastralist 1
Jacob Sann, PAO Appraiser 1
John Seaman, PAO Appraiser 1
Kayla Thalji, Property Records Assistant

Tax Collector’s Office

Victoria Coughlin, Tax Technician 1
Brittany Mobley, Tax Technician 1
Wyatt Updyke, Tax Technician 1
Breonna Williams, Tax Technician 1