Video Library: Garbage and Recycling

The Department of Solid Waste offers the following videos to help explain what happens to garbage and recycling in Pinellas County. The videos are hosted on YouTube.


No Such Place as “Away” (13 min.) Find out where your trash goes when you throw it “away” with this entertaining tour of the Pinellas County Solid Waste Disposal Complex.

Overview of the Solid Waste Disposal Complex (3:50 min.): This video explains the different ways we manage and use waste as a resource from the variety of incoming materials.

A Waste-to-Energy Facility Virtual Tour (3:33 min.): This virtual tour shows how the garbage from Pinellas County is used as a fuel source; the energy that is generated is enough to power 45,000 homes a day.

360° video of the Solid Waste Disposal Complex (2:33 min.): In this 360° video, hover over the tipping floor next to the six-ton “claw” at the Waste-to-Energy Facility, go behind the scenes at our Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Center, feel the need and speed of 1,600 vehicles per day at the Scalehouse, and more.

Pinellas County Landfill from Open to Close (2:22 min.): This video will give you a bird’s eye view of Pinellas County Solid Waste’s landfill phases from 1970 to final closure.

History of Trash (1:01): The short History of Trash segment provides a humorous history of waste management.


Virtual Presentation: Recycling in Pinellas County (21:43 min.): Pinellas County recycling outreach experts explain everything you need to know to be a responsible recycler in Pinellas County. Learn why recycling is important, what happens to your recyclables after you put them in your bin, and what should and shouldn’t be recycled.

The Recycle Life Cycle (produced by Hillsborough County): Learn what happens to the items when you place them in the recycling bin and the importance of recycling right.

Trash the Bags Tampa Bay (0:30): Did you know that your local municipality doesn’t accept plastic bags or shrink wrap in its recycling program?

Artificial Reef Construction Program

Artificial Reef Program (5:25 min.): Take a virtual dive of Pinellas County’s artificial reefs in the Gulf of Mexico and learn the fascinating background of how the reefs were created. Some of the more unusual items used to construct reefs are army tanks, a WWII Navy landing craft, and a 240-foot barge.

Additional Resources

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