Artificial Reef GPS Coordinates

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Note: Storms can shift the locations of reef components over time, so GPS coordinates may not be exact.

Map of Pinellas County's artificial reef locations.

Reefs of particular interest for diving and fishing

Name Latitude Longitude
Indian Shores Reef: John's Pass Bridge material 27º - 51.774 N 083º - 01.725 W
Indian Shores Reef:WWII Navy landing craft 27º - 51.441 N 083º - 01.833 W
Rube Allyn Reef:Scattered concrete material 27º - 56.021 N 083º - 01.514 W
St. Pete Beach:200-foot barge 27º - 40.600 N 082º - 51.750 W
St. Petersburg Bay Reef:Scattered concrete material 27º - 47.270 N 082º - 35.550 W
South County Reef: 80-foot tug boat “Orange” 27º - 43.375 N 082º - 58.450 W
Veterans: three barges and two plaques honoring veterans 28º - 03.000 N 083º - 00.750 W
Pinellas #2: U.S. Coast Guard Cutter "Blackthorn" 27º - 52.598 N 083º - 11.164 W
Pinellas #2: 180-foot tug boat "Sheridan" 27º - 52.578 N 083º - 11.150 W
Treasure Island II:50-foot steel trawler 27º - 41.686 N 083º - 17.547 W
Treasure Island II: 85-foot steel hull shrimp boat 27º - 41.751 N 083º - 17.557 W

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