Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

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The Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Program allows you to contribute tax-free dollars from your wages. View Benefits Enrollment.

The FSA program is administered by TASC and includes the following:

  • Healthcare FSA to pay for qualified healthcare expenses.
  • Dependent Care FSA to pay for dependent care expenses for children or adults.
  • Limited Purpose FSA to pay for eligible dental and vision expenses. It can only be used for medical expenses if the deductible is met (Choice Fund Open Access Plus HSA members only).

Contact TASC

Use the TASC website to:

  • View claims
  • Check account balances
  • Verify expenses
  • Upload copies of receipts
  • Access forms and lists
  • To learn more, see the TASC FAQs.

Website Login Information

First time to create an account:

  • Click the green LOG IN button on the top right.
  • Select Individual/Employee under Universal Benefit Account Login. (Do not click MyTASC Account Login.)
  • Click Sign Up.
  • Enter your work email as listed in OPUS and create a password.

Returning users:

  • Click the green LOG IN button on the top right. Select Individual/Employee under Universal Benefit Account Login. (Do not click MyTASC Account Login.)
  • Enter your email and password.
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How to Contact TASC

  • Websitewww.TASConline.com
    (Chrome or Edge browsers recommended)
  • App: TASC Mobile App (green and white logo)
  • Phone: (800) 422-4661
    Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


It’s easy to use the TASC debit card to access your FSA funds to pay for eligible items. Pay eligible expenses up front with no need to submit a reimbursement request.

The card is good for four years.

New User Information

Flexible Spending Account FAQs

Who is eligible to enroll in the Flexible Spending Account Program?

All permanent employees are eligible to enroll. You do not need to be enrolled in the medical or dental plans to participate in an FSA Program.

Why would I want to have money deducted from my paycheck at the same time I'm incurring an expense and then submit receipts just to get that money back again?

You save money on your out-of-pocket expenses by paying for them with pre-tax dollars.

Do I have to make a new election each year to participate in FSA for the next calendar year?

Yes. During Annual Enrollment, employees who wish to participate in the FSA Program must complete an election.

Can I carry over unused FSA funds to the next year?

You may carry over up to $610 in unused Healthcare FSA funds from 2023 to 2024. Keep in mind you must be enrolled in an FSA in the current year in order to use the previous year’s rollover amounts. Your enrollment contributions must be at least the minimum of $260 annually. There is no carry over available for unused Dependent Care FSA funds.

What is the deadline to submit claims?

The deadline to request reimbursement for unused 2023 Healthcare FSA expenses is March 31, 2024.

Can I change my FSA contribution?

Your FSA enrollment will remain in effect for the entire calendar year unless you have a qualifying life event.

Healthcare Flexible Spending Account

The Healthcare FSA helps employees save money on out-of-pocket healthcare expenses for eligible medical, prescription, dental and vision services that are not fully covered under the health care plan, such as copays, deductibles and coinsurance that they and/or their eligible dependents incur.

Healthcare Flexible Spending Account Contributions

Item2023 IRS Limits
Carryover $570 (2022 to 2023)

Should I participate?

If your predictable expenses add up to at least $260 in a calendar year, you may save up to 30% by participating in the Healthcare FSA. Use the FSA Calculator to estimate your savings.

Include only predictable expenses because if your expenses do not total your election amount at the end of the year, only up to $570 of your unused Healthcare FSA election amount will roll over to the next year. The remainder of unused funds will not be returned to you.

What are qualifying healthcare expenses?

See some examples below, or view a comprehensive list of Eligible Expenses.

Eligible Healthcare FSA Expense Examples

  • Health plan deductible, coinsurance, copays and prescriptions
  • Vision exams, eye glasses and contact lenses
  • Dental exams, fillings, crowns and orthodontia
  • All over-the-counter drugs and medicines
  • Over-the-counter healthcare items such as reading glasses, blood pressure monitors, bandages, contact lens solutions, hearing aid batteries, and menstrual care products (purchase at stores like Walgreens or Target or from the Amazon FSA Store – make sure you are in the right area of the Amazon website, and every item is marked FSA eligible). 

For more information about whether an expense qualifies for reimbursement, contact TASC at (800) 422-4661.

How do I submit receipts for my expenses?

TASC Card – This is the most convenient. It automatically pays for most eligible expenses at the point of purchase, eliminating the need to submit a reimbursement request and wait for payment.

Request for Reimbursement – If you pay for an eligible expense out-of-pocket instead of using your TASC Card, submit a reimbursement online or use the mobile app:

  • Log onto your account at www.TASConline.com. From the Overview page, select the green box Request a Reimbursement. Select who incurred the expense, date, amount, merchant and category, Attach the receipt and a description (optional). Click Next to review your request and Submit.
  • Use the TASC mobile app Picture to Pay (no forms to fill out).

What are the requirements for my expense receipts?

The receipt must include the following items:

  • Provider/merchant name
  • Date of service/purchase (must be within the current plan year)
  • Description of the service/purchase
  • Amount of the service/purchase

Remember: A credit card receipt is not acceptable since it is not itemized.

Can I use my FSA funds for over-the-counter items?

  • You may use FSA funds for all over-the-counter drugs and medications and for certain health care items such as band-aids, blood pressure monitor, and vision products.
  • You do not need a doctor’s prescription for reimbursement.
  • View Eligible Expenses or contact TASC at (800) 422-4661 to determine which over-the-counter expenses are eligible.

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account

The Dependent Care FSA helps employees pay for child care services that make it possible for the employee and spouse (if applicable) to work. Under certain circumstances, it also may be used to help pay for the care of adult relatives who reside with you.

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account Contributions

Item2023 IRS Limits (Combined for Both Spouses)

Should I participate?

  • You may want to sign up for a Dependent Care FSA if you pay for work-related child care or adult care and your expenses add up to at least $260 in a calendar year.
  • Eligible dependents are:
    • Children under the age of 13 who live with you or for whom you are entitled to a personal tax exemption.
    • Adult relatives who live with you, including adult children who are physically or mentally incapable of self-care.
  • Use the FSA Calculator to estimate your savings.

What are qualifying dependent care expenses?

See some examples below, or view a comprehensive list of Eligible Expenses (see page 2).

Eligible Dependent Care FSA Expense Examples

  • Children: Daycare, preschool, nursery school, summer day camp, before and after school programs, nanny, sick child care
  • Adults: Daycare, elder care

For more information about whether an expense qualifies for reimbursement, contact TASC at (800) 422-4661.

How does the Dependent Care FSA work?

Funds are deducted pre-tax from your biweekly paycheck and are available for use only after the deduction has been made (not at the beginning of the year).

Use the TASC website to pay for qualifying dependent care expenses. Reimbursement requests must include an itemized statement from the dependent care provider.

Limited Purpose Flexible Spending Account

Who can participate in the Limited Purpose FSA?

Employees enrolled in the Choice Fund Open Access Plus HSA Plan may contribute to a Limited Purpose Healthcare FSA in addition to the Health Savings Account.

What is a Limited Purpose FSA used for?

A Limited Purpose FSA is used for eligible dental and vision expenses only until you meet your health plan annual deductible.

If you meet your deductible, you may submit documentation to TASC to show that you have done so. You will then need to request that your Limited Purpose FSA be converted to a traditional Healthcare FSA, which may be used for eligible medical expenses (see Eligible Expenses) in addition to dental and vision expenses.