Deferred Compensation Plan

Retirement savings golden nest egg

Employees may choose to participate in the deferred compensation plan provided for in Internal Revenue Code Section 457. This is similar to a 401(k) plan in private sector employment. The four companies available are Empower Retirement, MissionSquare Retirement, Nationwide, and VALIC.

What You Need to Know

  • You may enroll, increase, decrease or stop your contributions at any time throughout the year.
  • This is an employee funded plan. The County does not contribute to your deferred compensation plan.
  • You may participate in one or more plans up to the dollar limit allowed by law (see Contributions).
  • You may select from a wide variety of investment options.
  • Ready to enroll? Contact the provider of your choice (see below).

Deferred Compensation Plan Providers

To enroll or request information, contact a deferred compensation plan representative (listed in alphabetical order):

Provider Name & Website Representative Name & Email Phone Fax Appointment
Corebridge Financial
(previously VALIC)
Kyle Blair

David R. Diaz
(813) 727-1918

(813) 599-8137

Customer Service
(813) 269-3362
Kyle fax
(813) 269-3380

David fax
(813) 414-5384
Contact Kyle or David
Empower Retirement
(previously MassMutual)
Christina Constantine Christine
(727) 282-7048

Customer Service
(800) 528-9009
Christine fax
(877) 526-2531
Schedule an appointment
MissionSquare Retirement
(Previously ICMA-RC)
Sharyn Hyla Sharyn
(202) 759-7219

Customer Service
(800) 669-7400
Sharyn fax
(877) 725-3469
Schedule an appointment (second Wednesday)
Nationwide Denny Davis Denny
(813) 973-8382

Customer Service
(877) 677-3678
Denny fax
(877) 677-4329
Schedule an appointment

Investment Resources

Need help? Get assistance with deferred compensation planning from the following resources:

  • Benefits: Contact Benefits by email or phone at (727) 464-3367, option 1, to request general information. Our staff cannot recommend a provider.
  • Deferred compensation providers: Contact the plan representatives (see above) for individualized retirement planning and investment strategies. Access resources on their websites such as live webinars, on-demand learning and calculators.
  • MyFRS Financial Guidance: Contact the MyFRS Financial Guidance line at (866) 446-9377 or use the online form for expert, unbiased financial advice from Ernst & Young Certified Financial Planners at no cost to you.
  • Guided Choice: The Florida Retirement Service (FRS) offers free expert investment advice for FRS plan members from Guided Choice, an independent financial advisory service. See Simplify Your Retirement Planning.
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Contribution Limits

Contribution amounts are set by the IRS as shown below. Contact your deferred compensation plan representative for more information.

Deferred Compensation Contributions

Item 2023 Contribution 2024 Contributions
Minimum $10 per pay period $10 per pay period
Maximum $22,500 $23,000
Age 50+ Catch-Up Provision $7,500 $7,500
3-Year Catch-Up Provision* up to $45,000 up to $46,000

You may participate if you are within 3 years of the year you are eligible to retire under the FRS rules of normal retirement age. You may not participate in the same year as your retirement. There is a maximum 3-year participation period for those who qualify. Participation must be used in consecutive years once begun. Contact Employee Benefits for more information.

Contribution Changes

Change your deferred compensation contribution amounts at any time throughout the year using the Change Form for Deferred Compensation Contribution.


You may only withdraw deferred compensation contributions in the event of:

  • Separation of service from the County
  • Proven “severe” financial hardship withdrawal


Some providers offer an opportunity for you to apply for a loan from your deferred compensation account. For requirements and application, please contact your plan representative.